Jayy Perry is a brand new phenomenal artist with an amazing passion for music. She has stormed Youtube with her amazing covers and beautiful original songs- now it’s our turn to find a little bit more about this crazy kat.

BUT WAIT, if your not familiar with her stuff, I’ve posted an awesome song by Miss Jayy featuring Lil’ Chuckee, must check:

1. Where does your style inspiration come from?
“I love fashion and I love to wear what makes me feel good. My clothes and fashion choices always reflect my mood and personality.  I definitely like to be bold with my choices, whether it’s my haircut or my lip color.  I don’t think people should be afraid to express themselves.”

2. Would you compare yourself to any artists (present or past) ?
“I try not to compare myself with anyone because I really seek to make music that reflects myself and my experiences more than it does my musical influences.  That being said, most people compare me to Aaliyah. I think we both have a soothing tone and a realness that people can relate to, and it’s an honor to be compared to her.  Most of my writing influences are actually male–Jason Mraz, Drake, Frank Ocean. I feel like the spirit of their music is very similar to mine.”

3. Where do you find inspiration for your music?
“You can hear in my music that I’m most inspired by my relationships.  My upcoming album “XO” (which you can get on iTunes March 13th) takes a close look at many of the relationships I have had, and it really dissects them to give people a personal look at my life and my views on love.  The songs I relate to most when I turn on the radio are ones that I can feel are based on real life or that touch on real emotions.”

4. Do you have any advice for unsigned artists?
“Honestly, I just urge everyone to be themselves.  A lot of people get caught up in what’s popular at the moment and they lose their true artistry.  Never concern yourself with what’s hot right now because by the time you do it it will already be old news. Just be you and make music you believe in, not music that you want everyone else to like.”

Now if you would like to see MORE of Jayy Perry’s work (and why wouldn’t you?!) then check out these websites Jayy specifically recommended herself :)

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/Jayy_Perry
BANDCAMP: http://jacquelineadams.bandcamp.com
YOUTUBE : http://www.youtube.com/jacquidms
WEBSITE:  http://jayyperry.com