This is absolutely ridiculous. I searched up 1 Direction and guess how many search results popped up. OVER A MILLION.

Being in London, I saw when they went on the XFactor as single acts, I saw when they were asked to become a manufactured band, I saw all the performances on the show and I saw peoples reaction. I appreciate that they have that Justin Bieber “hot” affect but what I don’t understand is, they have had about 2 songs, and their already global icons. Just the other day, they got invited to The White House to perform for Obama’s daughter.. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR BEYONCE AND JAY Z TO GET INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE? 15 YEARS. 15. And they did it in 1.

I’m not dissing the guys, I wish them well, I’m not thrashing them– I’m just tired of hearing how fantastic they are when really, their sooo mediocre. I just wish that people would judge talent a bit more carefully. And I NEED people to stop trying to find the next Justin Bieber. Why don’t we try to find something new instead of rinsed repeats of previous talent that is clearly wayyyyy to hard to re-achieve.

Again, not a bash, just an opinion