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I am a SUCKER for Creepers. I love them so much; but a breeze of fear passed through me when I saw that my local high street were selling them- both nockoff’s and real. I was a little bit happy, but mostly discouraged as I realised that such a old skool, punky and interesting style would be totally available to the general public. Which will, eventually, lead to the Creeper name being “CHAVinised”. I created a new world for fashion trends that have been ruined by the wrong hands. CHAVinised.

But, I must admit that before Rihanna and Rita Ora started wearing them about the town, the Creeper name remained an underground specific.

But hey, I love when creative trends get about. I just don’t think the hipsters will be pleased with their beloved shoe has become MAINSTREAM :o *cries*


Now, this guy. THIS GUY, is absolutely amazing. Not only is he ATHLETIC AND a Chris Brown look a like- but he is a talented actor. I’ve just recently noticed how absolutely beautiful this guy is. Since Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ video, this guy has been on every girls mind. But it’s too late girls, he’s already snatched up by Rih Rih. Here are some magnificent photo’s that hes blessed lol

Yes. That. Is. What. I’M. Talking about.

Rihanna has finally released her brand new track listing for her album “Talk That Talk” – I am so excited!!!

Heres the official track listing from Wikipedia !!!

I really do hope this album is as good as I think it’s going to be….



Wow. I was not expecting that. That was truly amazing. I was actually lost for words for a while. The video represents so much! I do admit, for the first few minutes I was very worried about the direction the video would be heading towards, but the ending threw me back; It actually threw me back. I am so speechless its unreal.

The video is based on two lovers (the male looks extremely similar to Chris Br0wn… I’m just saying..) who are frequent users of drugs and alcohol. The video first concentrates on the ‘ups’ of the relationship – by showing the adventures they have in super markets, the parties they attend and the endless kissing and ‘making out’ scenes. The video then begins to show the darker sides to the drug infested relationship by showing Rihanna passed out on the pavement with her lover trying to save her, it shows her drowning herself in the bath tub because of the occurrences from the night before and finally it shows the couple having a huge argument in the car park in the middle of an estate. The video not only concentrates on the darker sides to drugs and drinking and relationships but it also connotes the inner problems with herself and how she eventually picks herself up from the gutter and leaves.

This video not only represents and relates to most of the younger generation, but it also has an extremely powerful message within it.

This music video is a MUST check. Honestly.

Love is extremely powerful.


I haven’t blogged in about a month! I know, I’m a bad person! But anyway, I have been keeping track of good things to blog. Future topics including:

  • More weave advice (since ya’ll cant seem to get it right!)
  • Fashion
  • Interviews
  • Advice columns
  • Music

SO don’t loose interest in me! I’m getting there lmao. BUT – I guess that you guys are still loving the previous posts since my views have doubled since last month. Leaving me well into the 20,000’s – so thank you guys so much!

As a welcome back gift to myself, I will post a song that I am currently obsessing over at the moment :)