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There is something incredibly hot about a guy who is different in a weird, creepy way…which is why Tyler The Creator is number 11!


Pharrell Williams… do I need to say anything else.


Last King himself, Tyga.


Zac Efron just gets hotter with age…


Charming muscles, Channing.


I’ll always love Jigga!


Frank Ocean <3


Adrian Grenier, aka Vini Chase!!


Tristan Wilds .. yeah.


Ranger Gang Langston jerks his way to the top of the list, but not far enough!


Aubrey Drake Graham blesses the top of the list with his incredible-ness. *sigh*


As we all know, the first queen of Last Kings was shot in the arm a little while ago, but the question still remains.. who shot her?

Honey Cocaine (above) released a song, ‘Who Shot Me’, which tells her side to the story after hearing too many false allegations. The song features a sample from The Notorious B.I.G song, ‘Who Shot Ya’ and includes an actual sound clip of the moment when Tyga confronted the person who threw a bottle on the stage. The sound bite shows sounds of multiple gun shots and Tyga’s feud with the heckler. Honey Cocaine also mentions that she felt that she was being watched throughout the day and had a bad feeling about the show in Omaha. Although the artist survived and is alive and well; the question still remains, who shot Honey Cocaine?

Honey Cocaine!!!!!

This girl is crazy right now! I love her style and her talent is maddddddd. Her mixtape ‘fuck yo feelings’ is amazing.

This toronto star has the flow Nicki SHOULD have and the swag of Tyga and Lil Wayne combined! Her music reminds me of jerkin music but with her own individual taste.

You guys MUST check her out if you havent already

‘Pretty ass bitch but the shit I say ugly’

Follow her on twitter:



I didn’t like the video. But I loved Wayne’s likkle booties!!!


Throwin’ Hunneds, Hunneds.

I love this song, I love Tyga. It’s all love.

Man forget TISA its ALL about Last Kings.

This exclusive Pharaoh inspired clothing line was created purely for the swagged. Tyga himself has put so much effort into the designs to create not only the dopest clothing line – but the most original line I have ever seen.

There aren’t that much designs available right now – but Tyga has quoted that hes working on a ladies line and adding more to the mens line. The line has been supported by the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, Chris Brown and the whole Young Money crew. I am super excited for this line. I’ve seen TISA blow up and now I can’t wait for this to blow up as well.

Fans have been going crazy for the designs and the man behind them, I mean, there are limits in all:

Dedication boy.

And to finish this post .. I would like to add another photo of my husband.

so perfect in every single way. Him AND his cousin. (Travie McCoy.. yes, I know. Itsa blessed family).

I must admit, I was in a terrible mood before I heard this track, and as soon as I heard it; my day brightened the hell up.

Ok. Birdman, Nicki and Lil Wayne on the same track. Enough said.


The chorus is mad catchy lmao

Mr McCall recently released a song named ‘Raven Symone’ which, as you can guess, is about independent, thick, attractive women (aka Raven Symone). Now this is the first time I’ve ever heard Ray being mentioned in a song but LOL i’m cool with it. But could there be a hidden message within the track? A secret romance/crush maybe? hmmn, I’ll let ya’ll decide!

Click here to listen and download this crazy track