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I Now that this album has come out I finally feel like the spirits can take me now.

I am in love with this album. Seriously. Have you heard it? Have you HEARD IT? More importantly, have you HEARD IT?!

Okay psssh im just going to stop type talking and i’m just going to show you a bloody brilliant preview of this album.



Sexy senoRITA, i feel your ORA :D

I am a SUCKER for Creepers. I love them so much; but a breeze of fear passed through me when I saw that my local high street were selling them- both nockoff’s and real. I was a little bit happy, but mostly discouraged as I realised that such a old skool, punky and interesting style would be totally available to the general public. Which will, eventually, lead to the Creeper name being “CHAVinised”. I created a new world for fashion trends that have been ruined by the wrong hands. CHAVinised.

But, I must admit that before Rihanna and Rita Ora started wearing them about the town, the Creeper name remained an underground specific.

But hey, I love when creative trends get about. I just don’t think the hipsters will be pleased with their beloved shoe has become MAINSTREAM :o *cries*

Since November, apparently, Chris and Rihanna have been getting cosy.. too cosy.

The couple have been thinking about marriage since November, when Chris, allegedly proposed to the pop singer, because Rihanna wasn’t too sure about being engaged to a potential killer, she decided to hold off the engagement until Febuary.. nice one.

As we all know, the couple have show the world that they are friendlier via following eachother on twitter and, oh yeah, featuring on disturbing sex songs together, and remixing eachother ish.  NOW the couple are planning to get married in Mexico at the end of March.

Leaving the press going WILD many people have  been wondering about families opinions, you know, if they are OK with her marrying the guy that trashed up her face to a pulp .. oh, their okay with it? Oh well what about Jay Z, boss of Roc Nation, what does he have to say? 

Jay is NOT a happy bunny. Jay Z is shocked about the situation and apparently said he cannot believe she’s back with Chris. Rihanna’s reply was simply that she doesn’t care what her boss thinks.. smart.

The world is going to be a very dark, miserable and boring place when she looses all her endorsement deals. Oh well, atleast she’ll always have PUNCH to go with her discount pizza’s.


Rita Ora. I don’t know if you guys remember, but I blogged about her last year. She’s finally blowing up and hasa new single out with DJ Fresh called ‘Hot Right Now’. This Roc Nation cadet doesn’t just have her voice.. she’s also known as a tumblr icon and a fashion GOD. I mean seriously, her swag is pretty tight.

Now because Drake has so many reported girlfriends, I can not confirm if the rumors true, but what I can say is Drake has nothing but high hopes with this one LOL.

But being a Londoner myself, I wish Rita all the best and heres her new fantastic track :)

Umm, I wanted to love this video, but for some reason, I’m not impressed.

Okay, so it has good stage shots, interesting camera angles and funny Illuminati spin offs – but i’ve seen it all before. The only thing that seperates it from other videos is the apparent hot models that all seemed to be in the audience at the same time.

Maybe it’ll grow on me, just like the album that it belongs to.

I think this track would create some bad ass choreography. I’ve always loved this duo :)

I like like like her voice guys. And her image is fresh and new- and Cole adds to the amaze



This Cockney beast loves off the Kardashians I’ll tell ya that!!!

Rob Kardashian has been dating Ms. Ora in secret :o. I remember blogging about Rita last year and telling ya’ll how great she is- but I haven’t seen or heard any other news from her besides this.

The ROC Nation star and Rob haven’t been dating for long – but I think it’s kinda cute!



Not only has this album been LEAKED, but now banned?! Rihanna has sparked our minds for a while with her sexual references and hysterical gestures in music videos. But with the new album ‘Talk That Talk” mainly revolving around sex; many parents have said that they will not allow their sons and daughters listening to the album let alone buying it. This can be a good thing because of influences but this can be a bad thing because… since when do parents care about music?

I mean I have young parents and as long as I don’t copy or practice the music I listen to … I’m good..

Musics music.. chill out!

Heres her latest track from the album featuring Jay Z