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We all know Rih has style, but does she have what it takes to design a collection for the UK’s top high end highstreet store? Well apparently so. Rihanna has recently been designing a new collection for River Island hitting stores in 2013!

I have an obsession with both River Island and Rihanna, so its a win win for me. I wonder what she’ll come up with.

Rihanna’s been quite busy in the world of fashion lately, not only is she designing her own collection BUT she is also co producing and starring in a new Sky Living television program called “Styled to Rock”. The show is simply based around finding a new hot designer to design clothes for Rihanna’s biggest gig in the UK yet! Excited much?!

Be sure to tune in on Sky Living and support the navy base


OK, so the UK is getting pretty hot pretty fast and I am really excited!!! Summer and Winter are the best seasons for clothes! But I always seem to spend more in summer than winter. Summer is all about showing off your curves and feeling comfortable and healthy, winter, on the other hand, is more about hibernating and preparing for the next summer. Summer always seems to burn a hole in my pocket but it is one of the few times where I actually don’t care lol! So, I thought I’d give you guys an inside scoop on what I’m wearing this summer, and because you know I only wear the dopest of dope, I know ya’ll gone loove it :P And the best part is… THEY ARE ALL HIGH STREET. – all images below provided by ASOS.COM





Right, so that about sums it. If you actually payed attention all the way to the end, THANKYOU, if you didnt. SCREW YOU, IT TOOK ME 2 HOURS TO DO THIS! :-) x Happy easter