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So Lady Gaga has been knocked off the charts by Carly Rae Jepson’s new hit song ‘Call me maybe’. This song is HUGE, annoying but HUGE. Lady Gaga is aware of this and gave Carly a humorous warning via twitter:

Carly, respectfully, has not commented yet, but is this a joke? Or is Lady Gaga actually coming for CRJ?



what cha doing? I’m just wondering.. What in the living hell is going through your mind? Are you insane or are you just talking the talk?

You’re a pop success. Your an amazing singer, a beautiful strong, independent woman. You have guys all over the world wanting to taste your birthday cake. YOUR RIHANNA. Girls aim to be you, hair cuts are named after you. A NAVAL ARMY IS BASED AROUND YOUR FANS. YOU HAVE PEOPLE CRASHING TWITTER FOR YOU. Yet that’s not enough. You still feel the need to go back to old news. You have had more hits in the charts, at the same time, than Madonna. MADONNA! You are a success. You’re one of the most influential women on this planet. Right next to Beyonce. Beyonce. Jay Z sticks up for you.

I dont need to say the rest, you figure it out.