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This video made me laugh, gotta love JB


I don’t know WHAT happened, but got damn.

Once apon a time, Nicki Minaj was the queen of rap, beauty and comedy. Now, well you guy’s have heard the reviews of her latest single ‘Stupid Hoe’. I am and probably always will be a HUGE nicki fan, but this is just preposterous. Not only is the video crap, but the song doesn’t even make sense. She looks like the subject of her song…

Roman in Moscow I can handle, because at least there was some form of a good beat behind it. But this.. I don’t know where to go with it. It’s banned from BET, its received over 300,000 dislikes… Whats going on Nicks?

Now, this “Turn me on” track is a good track, but the video.. What in the world……….

First off, it starts with a robot with these over sized white lips.. then it goes into this half melted chocolate fountain thing.. and then out of no where.. Nicki pops up and looks all innocent and victorian.. then all of these manikin robot things are following her. THEN David Guetta turns into a beaded robot.. Like .. what?

I mean, Im all up for creative videos but.. what?

You HAVE to see this:

Not only was Beyonce busy releasing a new music video ‘Dance For You’ but she also made time to respond to the baby bump rumors by recently releasing a proof video she filmed whilst being on the set of her music video ‘Countdown’. OHHH BABY!

I knew they we’re faaake :)

I’ve decided that I’m super crap at blogging during the week. SO I’m going to do a weekly sum up!




Rihanna hit the Victoria Line on Tuesday on her way to the 02 arena where she was due to perform later on that evening. Citizens say it took a while for them to realise it was her, due to the change of hair colour. Some have said they were scared to approach her, incase it was just a look a like. Like there are many Rihanna look a likes around.. yeah. Ok. Sorry but if I saw a person that looked even remotely like Rihanna on the tube.. I would twitpic that ish.




Some would say she’s a fool.


The 6 months in Beyonce has finally released her new music video for ‘Countdown’ on Thursday (6th October). The video was proven to be a HIT on the streets of LA – but it has not yet hit the UK charts; the single is expected to be on the airwaves and music channels fully during next week. But check out this preview image of her amazing baby bump! GOOSEBUMPS!



Nicki Minaj is set to release a brand new music video for “Super Bass” very soon! I can’t wait to actually see what she comes up with on this one.

Although she was suppost to release “Fly” with Rihanna, she told MTV news that she wanted to give the single a little breather because she wanted RihRih to have a chance to dominate the airwaves (which she is..)




I can’t wait to see the new video. :-)

JAHLIL BEATS! Leme just start this post by saying he is THE best YOUNG PRODUCER this world has seen in a LONG TIME! He’s done sooo much work for everyone! He is officially mixtape king. He’s done beats for Kid Ink, Tyga, Chris Brown, MOST OF YOUNG MONEY and Big Sean!!! And like¬† soo many other artist that I’m to hyped to even mention!

Check this video of him making a beat!


I’m soo excited for the future. He’s gonna be the next Timbaland, I can telll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Former ‘Floetry’ group member, Marsha Ambrosius, has amazed the world with her latest video “Far Away” which openly communicates a true story of a homosexual man committing suicide due to bullying and abuse. Marsha released the video earlier on this year, having its first appearance on BET’s 106&Park. The UK singer dedicated the song and video to her late friend whom she lost due to suicide. She stated at the end of the videoSo If my music can save a life, I have done my job’

The whole video is based around the difficulties of same sex relationships and the effect it has on the couple themselves. I must admit, I was a little thrown by the video Рbut in more of a positive way than negative. It is very rare that the music industry opens up to the reality of Homosexuality Рand for Marsha to have included not only homosexual men; but the effects of being a homosexual in her 4 minute music video,  is very impressive. Not many artists are open to expressing their inner feelings and beliefs about real life situations, so for Marsha to do this and be so brave about maybe taking a risk, Well, thats enough for me to salute her fully!

I would recommend her new album “Late Nights and Early Mornings”. Within the album are several different stories about love, pain and passion.

This is why I loved Floetry and I LOVE Marsha.

T-Pain and Snoop Dogg return with a new track called ‘BOOM’

Hopefully it is better than that WET track. Dear Lord.


I think it should be Raining men. WOULDN’T THAT VIDEO JUST BE BEYOND SICK?!