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I Now that this album has come out I finally feel like the spirits can take me now.

I am in love with this album. Seriously. Have you heard it? Have you HEARD IT? More importantly, have you HEARD IT?!

Okay psssh im just going to stop type talking and i’m just going to show you a bloody brilliant preview of this album.



Another legend leaves us behind to go to a greater place. Whitney Houston. A legend, a diva, a music miracle sadly dies at 48.

Whitney was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon in Beverly Hills hotel. We are all familiar with her musical magic, but with all the glory that was Ms Houston, there was a lot of pain and tragedy. I would like for this post to not remind those of the hard and fragile times- but to continue to reflect on her amazing impact and irreplaceable presence that this goddess possessed.

In the loving memory of Whitney, I would like to post the theme tune to many of our lives, please enjoy the musical genius that is ‘I Will Always Love You’

A third mixtape from the wonderful genius, that is, The Weeknd. This Canadian MJ has turned my headphones around, inside out and spun them 68 times and returned them to my ear with care. In other, shortened words, its good. I loved this mixtape quite a bit, enough to download it onto my back up hard drive, just in case my computer explodes. Not only has this dude changed my opinion totally on male singers. I haven’t heard a voice like his since Michael Jackson (RIP). Speaking of Michael, the mixtape included a cover of ‘Dirty Diana’ which was NAILED of course. My favourite tracks on the mixtape was ‘Initiation’ (which I previously blogged about- mentioning my confusion) and ‘The Fall’.

I really hope to see an album from Abel very very v e r y soon :)