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The great King B is due to perform at the BET Awards this year! Momma B WILL be taking a break from the troubles of motherhood to come back to BET after three long years!  The news broke out via twitter (as always) by Mendez!

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So, what will King B be wearing to the BET awards this year?



Umm, I wanted to love this video, but for some reason, I’m not impressed.

Okay, so it has good stage shots, interesting camera angles and funny Illuminati spin offs – but i’ve seen it all before. The only thing that seperates it from other videos is the apparent hot models that all seemed to be in the audience at the same time.

Maybe it’ll grow on me, just like the album that it belongs to.

Another legend falls this year as rapping sensation, Heavy D, died earlier this week after collapsing near his home in Los Angeles. Dwight Arrington Myers (Heavy D), was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

I am a big Heavy D fan and I would like to give my love to his family and friends at this time of mourning.

Here’s one of the best tracks I personally think he’s done, if you’re a big Hitch fan, you’ll love it


Birth of a new race? More like birth of a new nightmare…