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We all know Rih has style, but does she have what it takes to design a collection for the UK’s top high end highstreet store? Well apparently so. Rihanna has recently been designing a new collection for River Island hitting stores in 2013!

I have an obsession with both River Island and Rihanna, so its a win win for me. I wonder what she’ll come up with.

Rihanna’s been quite busy in the world of fashion lately, not only is she designing her own collection BUT she is also co producing and starring in a new Sky Living television program called “Styled to Rock”. The show is simply based around finding a new hot designer to design clothes for Rihanna’s biggest gig in the UK yet! Excited much?!

Be sure to tune in on Sky Living and support the navy base


what cha think?

Now, RUNTC readers, although I have been gone for a while, I have done some pretty cool things meanwhile and the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend was definitely one of them!

I was lucky enough to receive an exclusive pass to the big festival and I had an absolute blast! Not only was there food, celebrities and fun, but there were all my favourite artists in one place! The event was so massive that there was more than one stage. Amongst the thousands of people that attended, there was a dance section, multiple DJ stands, a Radio 1 EXTRA stage AND finally, the biggen- the main stage- which was absolutely MASSIVE.

Not only did I have the pleasure of witnessing the greatness that is Example, Trey Songz and Will.I.Am; I was fortunate enough to discover the great performance that was Nicki Minaj.

Minus her diva exit. Her performance was perfectly balanced with her infamous pop ballads and her skilled rhymes. Unfortunately, due to sound errors, I was screaming the words louder than Nicki herself, never the less, it was a good performance. Especially the male dancers.

Now, Jay Z’s performance is a whole different story. Although the legend made us wait, a long time, all the crampt conditions and crowd thug behavior was worth it. After being squashed for 30 minutes in the typical British rain, the crowd was rich with excitement when he finally arrived. Performing an extreme performance of majority of his previous smashers – Not only did Rihanna join him on stage for ‘Run This Town’ but M.I.A came on stage with an awesome performance of her track ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Paper Planes’ (which was cut short due to technical failures). Just as the crowd thought he was done, close friend, Kanye West pops out of no where to give us a cut down version of the Watch The Throne tour. Performing ‘Niggas In Paris’ not once, not twice but 3 times!

All together, the Hackney Weekend was a fudging fudge fantastic way to spend a Saturday Afternoon!

This is absolutely ridiculous. I searched up 1 Direction and guess how many search results popped up. OVER A MILLION.

Being in London, I saw when they went on the XFactor as single acts, I saw when they were asked to become a manufactured band, I saw all the performances on the show and I saw peoples reaction. I appreciate that they have that Justin Bieber “hot” affect but what I don’t understand is, they have had about 2 songs, and their already global icons. Just the other day, they got invited to The White House to perform for Obama’s daughter.. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR BEYONCE AND JAY Z TO GET INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE? 15 YEARS. 15. And they did it in 1.

I’m not dissing the guys, I wish them well, I’m not thrashing them– I’m just tired of hearing how fantastic they are when really, their sooo mediocre. I just wish that people would judge talent a bit more carefully. And I NEED people to stop trying to find the next Justin Bieber. Why don’t we try to find something new instead of rinsed repeats of previous talent that is clearly wayyyyy to hard to re-achieve.

Again, not a bash, just an opinion

The song ‘Ned Flanders’ was released over a month ago and I have been meaning to post it! I love this music video and the concept of it. I must admit, when I first heard the song I was wondering what they could do with it for a video but, as usual, Odd Future delivers!

Odd future recently hit the UK for a show in London. Not only did they perform a KNOCKOUT show where some dude lost his front tooth, but they also opened up an Odd Future shop where fans, grand parents and police officers stopped by.

I wonder what else is in store for these trouble makers… I for one, am very very very excited to find out!


Rita Ora. I don’t know if you guys remember, but I blogged about her last year. She’s finally blowing up and hasa new single out with DJ Fresh called ‘Hot Right Now’. This Roc Nation cadet doesn’t just have her voice.. she’s also known as a tumblr icon and a fashion GOD. I mean seriously, her swag is pretty tight.

Now because Drake has so many reported girlfriends, I can not confirm if the rumors true, but what I can say is Drake has nothing but high hopes with this one LOL.

But being a Londoner myself, I wish Rita all the best and heres her new fantastic track :)

Mr West is allegedly moving over to the UK. Apparently he’s bought a place in London in order to spread his success of DW (Kanyes design label)

Kanye has said that moving over the pond will increase his reputation as a designer and he will be spending majority of the new year in the sunshine and happiness that is the UK.



The legendary Amy Winehouse was found dead in her North London Apartment earlier today. Medics have announced that there was no physical cause to her death, but it has be linked towards her drug and alcohol addictions. I’m not going to judge Amy for her past or speculate or blame anyone; I just want to pay respects to yet anotherĀ  world class talent. A countless Grammy Award winner, a fellow BRIT Kid and an ever lasting blessing. She brought back the voices of Nina Simone and represented the UK for so long. We love and respect you Amy. You’ll be forever missed. Rest in peace x

Just for old times sake — here’s ‘Stronger Than Me’

Nicki MinajĀ  spotted in London (awhile ago) rocking one of the most interesting outfits London has seen. Doing my research, I later realised that she was rocking one of my favourite designers, Cassette Playa! I have mentioned Cassette Playa a while back, saying that she will have this brilliant blossom this year, and what happens? She does. So obviously I am right about everything! (try telling that to my examiner lol)

Cassette Playa brings back the wicked 90’s and I really do honestly think the world will be doing the running man this summer!