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So Lady Gaga has been knocked off the charts by Carly Rae Jepson’s new hit song ‘Call me maybe’. This song is HUGE, annoying but HUGE. Lady Gaga is aware of this and gave Carly a humorous warning via twitter:

Carly, respectfully, has not commented yet, but is this a joke? Or is Lady Gaga actually coming for CRJ?


I do this every year, and I think this was a particularly good year for music. So. Here we go!


Mumzy to be, Beyonce, is getting sued for 100 MILLION DOLLARS. Jebus Christ!

The reason being, that apparently Beyonce abandonned a project to do a dance game with the company. The company has released a statement saying:

“bad faith breach of contract so callous that, on what appeared to be a whim, she destroyed Gate Five’s business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas2010.”

Good lord.

The gaming company also states that Bey bailed last minute from the project which, the company was reliant on.

That sucks..



Lady Gaga has re-defined music to her own perspective and has changed the minds of millions. She has done wonders for the Gay Rights Movements and has created confidence in the  smallest individuals. She not only creates her own identity within the pop genre, but she can never be forgotten, world wide.

She has taken over the world with her interesting ways and her distinctive music taste. Influenced by some of the greats, Gaga is sure to be put down in history. From ‘Just Dance’ to ‘Poker Face’ to ‘Bad Romance’ she has done it all. I, for one, am very proud of Gaga and I know her little monsters are also.

To conclude this post, I will post her new ‘Marry The Night’ prelude video released a few days ago:


The Weeknd. How do I even begin to explain this dude in words? Are there words available in the dictionary to describe this man and his talent? I highly doubt it!

Abel Tesfaye better known as “The Weeknd” is taking over the industry and he’s only 21! He has worked with icons like Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine and of course, Drake (his names constantly on my damn mind!!).

He has also been featured on the hit US sitcom “Entourage” soundtrack. If you haven’t heard of this guy, trust me you will! His unique sound is taking over computer screens, corrupting iTunes and killing iPods. Expect him to be everywhere, ESPECIALLY BY 2012!

I am amazed by his unique choice of album artwork and photography, heres some of my favourites



If you don’t recognize any of these images then check out this song featuring Drake, you’ll love it


I don’t know about you guys but I am so so so so so proud of Beyonce this year. B has done it! She has officially become not Queen, but KING of pop, soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Dance and every other genre of music you can possibly name. She’s done it all! There is nothing that B can not achieve. I personally think her most recent album, 4, has changed her. I can actually feel her soul and heart in this album. Theres so many different sounds to the album. You have the ‘Sasha Fierce’ part with ‘Run The World (Girls), you have the kick ass female power part with ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ you then have the hopeless romantic part with ‘1+1’ she even showed us how bad she really is by going back into the 90’s with ‘Party’ and taking it way way back with ‘Love On Top’ which denotes a more Jackson 5 feel.

She has literally done it all. I actually feel terribly sorry for the music industry when Mrs Carter decides to pass on the throne. WHO WILL SHE PASS IT TO? I mean, Rihanna is a brilliant artist but… I don’t know. I do think its time to think about who’s going to come up after King B, since she’s starting to have a family and live out some of her childhood dreams. I think its time we all stood back and applauded B while she’s still going. I really wish her and Jay the best in life, I pray that they have a peaceful, beautiful and blessed baby together and I wish them an eternity of greatness. Make us proud B

Here’s exactly why Beyonce IS and always will be (excuse my language) the shit.


Beyonce announced that her new untitled album will consist of a BRAND NEW MUSIC GENRE that she is going to create.

Right. This could either be really weird, really funny, or just plain wrong.

She describes her new album as ‘Battle Of The Divas’ and will be joining sides with Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, old time friend Lady Gaga and oh yeah.. FRANK OCEAN

aight then.


Lady Gaga hit the runway wearing the most amazing bunches in the history of bunches. I mean. Thats A LOT of weave!!! Her heels killed the runway, as well as her feet – but she strutted better than some of the models. Infact one of the models actually fell. LMAO.

But the clothes were fantastic and the mix of Born This Way and other tracks on her new album was rediculous!!!!!! Check out this footage!

Birth of a new race? More like birth of a new nightmare…