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I Now that this album has come out I finally feel like the spirits can take me now.

I am in love with this album. Seriously. Have you heard it? Have you HEARD IT? More importantly, have you HEARD IT?!

Okay psssh im just going to stop type talking and i’m just going to show you a bloody brilliant preview of this album.



Jay and Kanye REALLY did it with this one. Despite the constant encores and replays of the song, it never gets old! Even though the Watch The Throne album was released some time ago, since the video was released earlier this year, the song has sky rocketted to the biggest track of the year, possibly, all time?! This track has me going for days, and that Yeezy dance… too rich!

Now, RUNTC readers, although I have been gone for a while, I have done some pretty cool things meanwhile and the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend was definitely one of them!

I was lucky enough to receive an exclusive pass to the big festival and I had an absolute blast! Not only was there food, celebrities and fun, but there were all my favourite artists in one place! The event was so massive that there was more than one stage. Amongst the thousands of people that attended, there was a dance section, multiple DJ stands, a Radio 1 EXTRA stage AND finally, the biggen- the main stage- which was absolutely MASSIVE.

Not only did I have the pleasure of witnessing the greatness that is Example, Trey Songz and Will.I.Am; I was fortunate enough to discover the great performance that was Nicki Minaj.

Minus her diva exit. Her performance was perfectly balanced with her infamous pop ballads and her skilled rhymes. Unfortunately, due to sound errors, I was screaming the words louder than Nicki herself, never the less, it was a good performance. Especially the male dancers.

Now, Jay Z’s performance is a whole different story. Although the legend made us wait, a long time, all the crampt conditions and crowd thug behavior was worth it. After being squashed for 30 minutes in the typical British rain, the crowd was rich with excitement when he finally arrived. Performing an extreme performance of majority of his previous smashers – Not only did Rihanna join him on stage for ‘Run This Town’ but M.I.A came on stage with an awesome performance of her track ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Paper Planes’ (which was cut short due to technical failures). Just as the crowd thought he was done, close friend, Kanye West pops out of no where to give us a cut down version of the Watch The Throne tour. Performing ‘Niggas In Paris’ not once, not twice but 3 times!

All together, the Hackney Weekend was a fudging fudge fantastic way to spend a Saturday Afternoon!

Well, isn’t this just fantastic?! I am quite happy about this actually, two heart broken, sweet, and needy people coming together- comforting themselves with each other! Makes perfect sense to me!

As we all know, Kim Kardashian recently split with her husband, Kris Humphries later last year- and we must all be familiar with the split between Amber Rose and Kanye West for what ever reason. And I for one, think its a fantastic idea for them to hook up! Which they recently have, multiple times – they were spotted in NYC having a “movie date” for their SECOND MEETING!

Kanye has recently released a song named “Theraflu” which he announces: ‘I admit that I fell in love with Kim, around the same time she fell in love with him. Well that’s cool baby girl, do your thing. Lucky I aint had Jay drop him from the team.’ 

(Listen to the rest of the song at the end of the post- It features DJ Khaled, so it gets annoying after a while…)

But yeah, so I know my opinion really doesn’t matter to world class superstars but, I think this might just work…



I think this track would create some bad ass choreography. I’ve always loved this duo :)

Mr West is allegedly moving over to the UK. Apparently he’s bought a place in London in order to spread his success of DW (Kanyes design label)

Kanye has said that moving over the pond will increase his reputation as a designer and he will be spending majority of the new year in the sunshine and happiness that is the UK.



I do this every year, and I think this was a particularly good year for music. So. Here we go!


It’s official, Kanye has officially began to run his mouth about the recent Grammy nominations. He stated that he was disappointed with the nominations for Album of the year (especially because his album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ was not mentioned..) but he said that he would use that disappointment as fuel.

Good luck ‘Ye

Rick Ross and Kanye West have to be the most influential people right now for me. I think that they are the most hardworking people in the industry at the moment. I mean, with Rick Ross working on MMG and Kanye working on G.O.O.D Music and the WTT Tour (which I’m dying to see!!!) – I really do predict phenomenal things for them next year, providing the world doesn’t end lmao.

They’re both number one on my playlist right now and I absolutely LOVE when they decide to work together. Ross has seem to blow up over night with the whole “Ashes to Ashes” album and ‘Ye had an amazing comeback from his own personal tragedy and public mistakes. They both have grown so well as artists and have both changed the music industry for the better in my opinion. I really do hope to see more of them in the future!

The best track I’ve seen them on HAS to be “Maybach Music 2” because that ish WAS just kray.


I respect Amber soo much right now. She has her head screwed on and has such an amazing and positive attitude to life. I don’t know if its because shes found love with Wiz or because shes just grown up and accepts real situations. Her comment about what ‘Ye said at a concert in Philadelphia was just beyond adult. Check it out: