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I Now that this album has come out I finally feel like the spirits can take me now.

I am in love with this album. Seriously. Have you heard it? Have you HEARD IT? More importantly, have you HEARD IT?!

Okay psssh im just going to stop type talking and i’m just going to show you a bloody brilliant preview of this album.



I do this every year, and I think this was a particularly good year for music. So. Here we go!


The Weeknd. How do I even begin to explain this dude in words? Are there words available in the dictionary to describe this man and his talent? I highly doubt it!

Abel Tesfaye better known as “The Weeknd” is taking over the industry and he’s only 21! He has worked with icons like Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine and of course, Drake (his names constantly on my damn mind!!).

He has also been featured on the hit US sitcom “Entourage” soundtrack. If you haven’t heard of this guy, trust me you will! His unique sound is taking over computer screens, corrupting iTunes and killing iPods. Expect him to be everywhere, ESPECIALLY BY 2012!

I am amazed by his unique choice of album artwork and photography, heres some of my favourites



If you don’t recognize any of these images then check out this song featuring Drake, you’ll love it


How do I put this in a way where I will not be forever hated by all Yeezy and Jay fans. I did not like this album. Apart from the two main tracks ‘H.A.M’ and ‘Otis’, I thought the album was really over rated and disappointing; the lyrical content of the album was beyond dope — but the production was not yeezy’s best. There is a track that Swizz Beats produced and I just thought it was really boring. I mean, I am a HUGE Jay and Yeezy fan, but I did not like this album. I was looking forward to this for a long long time, and the anticipation was endless,  I was soo happy when I hit the ‘buy album’ button on iTunes. I was soo thrilled to plug in my beats by dre’s — just to get the full impact. I was sooo excited when I hit play, I was then soo bored and soo disappointed and finally soo mad! £10?! REALLY?!

I think my favourite track on that album was ‘Who Gon Stop Me’ and even that was a little bit average. I think Kanye went a bit nuts with the creativity on that beat and kind of ruined it as it came to the last minute. And for me, the last minute is crucial!

But there are some positives about the album; for example, the sampling used in the album was amazing, especially in the ‘Otis’ track. THAT was phenomenal! As I mentioned before, the lyrical content was on fire. But this is probably just me but I thought that Kanye stepped up his game in the lyric department, and has Jay stepped down? I mean, Jay is still amazing in every single way — but I didn’t feel the Brooklyn don that I usually do :/

Maybe it’s just me being a stupid teenager– maybe its for a slightly older generation? hmmn. I dont know. But heres my favourite track on the album anyway:


Even though I am a HUUUUUGE Diggy Simmons fan, and it literally HURTS me that he’s standing next to another girl I really do love this song! (I’m not joking, I’m actually typing really angrily right

Dionne Bromfield was introduced into the wonderful world of music by voice phenomenon, Amy Winehouse (they do sound really similar..)

The song is really good and the video is really dope. I love her voice!!!! Check it out!

Check out the behind the scenes as well!

I really do have a strong feeling about this girl. I think she’s going to be massive!!!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for Miss Dionne Bromfield!

It’s now officially on iTunes now so, go check it out!



Rebecca Black was on Good Morning America talking about her brand new world wide hit/disaster. She mentioned in the interview how it is a dream to be worldly famous, and she also mentions some of the worst comments she has ever received in her life. Rebecca talks about the parodys and how it got to her so bad.. she started to cry? Wow

The interview also describes how the record producers ruined her voice by using too much autotune. I never thought that could happen.. isn’t it suppost to make your voice.. better…She sung the American Anthem and her voice sounded really good.. what the hell did they do?!

After watching that, I really respect Rebecca! She’s a 13 year old girl fenturing out to her dream.. We should let her shine, not punish her for having enough strength to face us..


Queen of brilliance, Jennifer Hudson, has returned with a brand new heartbreaking track called “WHERE YOU AT” Jennifer is currently number 3 on the BET video count down! Best of luck! Here’s a little clip of the video, make sure you check it out on iTunes.