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Sexy senoRITA, i feel your ORA :D


Dip dyeing your hair is the new thing to do. I adore this style and if I didn’t have synthetic twists in my hair, I so would! It all started off, as always, with Ellie Goulding. She was the first person, I saw, to have the dip dye affect. She brought it back from the 70’s, where hippies would run wild in the wind with their blonde and brunette tips. Many stars have now adapted the style, like Khloe Kardashian, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and so much more. The style is now viral on Instagram and Tumblr – so heres some of my favourite pics:

I’m really not too sure about this hair style. I mean rih has been known for having quite extreme hair cuts.. but is this one aiming a bit too high? I’m not sure… I’ll post some pics, see what you think:

I’m not sure…

Rihanna was seen in Barbados as she is spending the rest of her new years vacay on the tropical beaches of dos dos.

The sex craved genius is taking time away from the dirty talk to spend some well deserved time amongst family and friends.

Have a good new year Rih!


Rihanna never fails to disappoint when it comes to setting trends. The blonde look is absolutely fantastic! But what I fear is that it will start the same wave that the red did. That was terrible, everywhere I looked it was red. Like I was in the soviet union. lmao. But this looks good.

She showed off her new do on the set of her ‘You Da One’ vid. check it out:


… because we ALL know you need it.

Women focus on their appearence for two reasons; 1. to attract male attention 2. to boost confidence. But both lead to attracting attention, and trust me ladies, you want to do it the right way.

The natural look is much more appriciated than the fake ass $2 sew in look. I thought about this when I was on the bus and I could have sworn I saw this womans tracks, and then I got off the bus to see some womans weave shaped like a cone. What the hell is wrong with you people?! You can’t be that desperate to be walking around like that!! Its naturally proven that Americans are better at doing weave then English people. In England – you have to search HIGH and LOW to find a decent weave store and a decent hair dresser that doesnt make you look like you just came fresh off the hanger.

My grandmother, Sherry Dixon,  was a make up artist for a large part of her career and she constantly told me about the do’s and don’ts of hair, make up and fashion. I just wonder that maybe not everyone has had the same blessings that I have because the way I see some people strut out on the streets is just nasty. The only attention you gonna be attracting is birds picking at yo head.

So here are my do’s and don’ts on weaves!! (God knows some of ya’ll need it):


As you all know, we are NOT Rihanna. We can NOT pay £10, 000 for a wig, we can NOT walk around Croydon highstreet like this. As for the people who tried, look what happens:



Blonde is a very complicated colour to die your – it’s hard enough finding the right shade, let alone finding the right make of weave. Dark skin and blonde DOES NOT WORK. It just doesn’t. It’s not a racial thing, its not a team lightskin thing or nothing. HEY i’m light skin and I know I can’t die my hair blonde, because i’ll look like a fool.

We are NOT Beyonce, we can not PAY for people to find the right shade for us, and we do NOT have stylists to tell us what make up to use to compliment the hair. When WE try this, we look like a messed up barbie doll on crack, see for yourself:



I don’t even need to tell you about yourself If you own a lacefront. TAKE IT BACK.



STOP trying to be Keri. Stop. Because you look like a fool wearing that jacked up lacefront with them cuts looking like you special, stop.


READ and take notice of these points, for the love of God.


Oh My GOD Raven, what the hell is that?

Not only does her hair look like its on a madness, but she looks unhealthily skinny! I mean, I don’t know about ya’ll; but I prefer the slightly more chubby look on Ray. But either way, its her figure.