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OK! It’s out! The ‘Unapologetic’ album is out!

Released on November 19th, Rih has kept a secure secret from her eager fans- she didn’t tell us that the album was going to be THAT awesome!

The album not only opens up about her domestic violence experience and love affair with Mr Brown, but features a song from each genre! Now, we all know that Rih is famous for her lame albums. NOT BEING FUNNY but usually Rih releases some wicked singles and then the album is just full of fillers, but not this time! The whole album = WINNER. Absolute ace! I can predict now that ‘Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary’ will be faaantastic live!

Rihanna has managed to conquer the world and blow the competing artists (Nicki Minaj’s album Roman Reloaded: The REUP’ was released on the same date) out of the picture by using a secret weapon, the 777 tour, which was a HUUUGE success-globally. The Unapologetic album is set to be number 1 on the UK albums chart. Score!

The album includes the hit track ‘Diamonds’ (the video arguably includes Browns arm…) and features by Chris Brown himself ‘Nobody’s Business’, eminem AND future ‘Loveeee Song’. So if you haven’t bought, downloaded or even heard of the album yet… go get it.


This, to me, seems like a modern day, Eminem repeat. Who needs that? I gave the guy a chance- I mean he looked cool, different and I will be honest, the fact that he was white intrigued me because EVERYONE was talking about his killer flow. So I was like who is he and everyone was like YELAWOLF YELAWOLF YELAWOLF! So, I searched him up and I recognized him from the BET Cypher freestyle; and I remembered thinking WOW HIS FLOWS DOPE. So I typed him in on youtube and checked out some of his songs… what in the world did I put in my ears.

I can not stand this. Its another freaking REPEAT. Talking about his dad shooting someone on his land and his mama like “noo don’t open the trunk otherwise I’ll call the cops” and the dads like “QUIET YOU” -___________- I mean I understand this was a difficult time in his life possibly- but good lord. Why? The video was dumb too. Had the dad poking the dude with the gun and the mama was looking into the camera like 0.0. I was looking at the screen like 0.O.

It just reminds me of Eminem and his whole Kim and Hayley rampage, like no one wants to hear about your problems.

Before ya’ll start commenting saying “You only listened to one song, biased” .. its not like that, I listened to ALL the songs on his Vevo, all the songs on his mixtapes and I even attempted to view any other bonus tracks that were available for download.. I have a fully grown, well thought out opinion of this dude. And I, personally, don’t like him.

The song called “Daddy’s Lambo” is dumb. The video was dumb and it got on my gotdamn nerves.

I’m sorry if this offended anyone, I just got very mad, very fast.



HipHop and R&B legend, Nate Dogg, died earlier today from a series of stroke complications. The singer has been recieving non stop love through internet tweets and blog tributes.

Ludacris tweeted: “There is a certain void in hip-hop’s heart that can never be filled. Glad we got to make history together.”

Snoop Dogg said:  “Nate Dogg was one of my best friends and a brother to me since 1986 when I was a sophomore at Poly High where we met”

In honor of the late superstar, I would like to post a classic tune, that always gets the party going.

Ludacris ft Nate Dogg – Area Codes