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There is something incredibly hot about a guy who is different in a weird, creepy way…which is why Tyler The Creator is number 11!


Pharrell Williams… do I need to say anything else.


Last King himself, Tyga.


Zac Efron just gets hotter with age…


Charming muscles, Channing.


I’ll always love Jigga!


Frank Ocean <3


Adrian Grenier, aka Vini Chase!!


Tristan Wilds .. yeah.


Ranger Gang Langston jerks his way to the top of the list, but not far enough!


Aubrey Drake Graham blesses the top of the list with his incredible-ness. *sigh*


Drake and Chris Brown had a big brawl in a night club a little while ago, but beef still continues between the two stars. Not only have they been offered $1 million each to re enter the ring- but Nicki Minaj made numerous comments on the situation, stating that Drake is better than that and just needs to realise how big of a star he is; she even recommended him to “take a nap”, but she still continued to release a single with Chris..hmn. Any who, not only did the club that housed the brawl loose its liqueur license, but multiple people ended up in hospital because of the fight, not only did Chris need stitches, but members of Drakes team ended up seriously hurt, especially his body guard. The mess was horrendous, check out the aftermath:

Due to the horrid images of the people hurt, I will not be posting them, but don’t worry, their all over Google.

Rita Ora. I don’t know if you guys remember, but I blogged about her last year. She’s finally blowing up and hasa new single out with DJ Fresh called ‘Hot Right Now’. This Roc Nation cadet doesn’t just have her voice.. she’s also known as a tumblr icon and a fashion GOD. I mean seriously, her swag is pretty tight.

Now because Drake has so many reported girlfriends, I can not confirm if the rumors true, but what I can say is Drake has nothing but high hopes with this one LOL.

But being a Londoner myself, I wish Rita all the best and heres her new fantastic track :)

… do i need to say anything else?

Sorry, I HAVE to give a shout to the person responsible for this image. L O freaking L.

But on a serious note, this beef is going no where. Common isn’t ready to give it up JUST yet. Now, I’m not an official source, but I do know that a battle could possibly be coming on… maybe?

I personally think, all my love for Drake aside, that Common would destroy drake. Literally. But as drakes wife, i would like to think Drake would give common a good lyrical beating.

But, we’ll see.


Urm. I didn’t like this mixtape. I know, everyone is going to unsubscribe and diss the blog and I’ll loose followers and everything – but I’m being honest. I thought it was dull, average, stereotypical and bland. The only song I thought was dope was ‘MMG The World Is Ours’ featuring Pharrell and Meek Mill. Apart from that, it was all the same old same old.

When I listen to a rapper. I pay attention to the production and the way the artist can transform his lyrics, in order to attract a wider audience and keep his current fan base interested. He doesn’t do that. Well, not in this mixtape. I’m bored of listening to lyrics about things fresh off the boat and drinking, drugs and violence. Its boring to me. If you’re going to rap about nonsensical things, then maybe have a better production team behind you….

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m not into those hard beats as much as the next guy.. but. SNOORE.

Disappointed much.

Heres the best track of the mixtape, In my opinion:

 As the years have gone on, Chris has developed, progressed and corrected the errors in his ways- On the other hand, will he be able to create a new level with his musical talents?

With artists, such as Drake, The Weeknd and Tyler The Creator about; will Chris be able to recreate F.A.M.E AND Boy In Detention? I’m really not sure. I heard a lil of his new material, and to be honest, I wasn’t as impressed as I was when I first heard ‘Strip’ and ‘Look At Me Now’ ESPECIALLY ‘Beautiful People’ !!!

We’ll just have to see. Hopefully Seven, Kevin McCall and Tyga might help him on his way :)

Heres my favourite new material of his:

I didn’t like the video. But I loved Wayne’s likkle booties!!!


Throwin’ Hunneds, Hunneds.

I love this song, I love Tyga. It’s all love.


Yes, Doll(Hoe)icia Bryan is now allegedly dating my husband (that doesnt know it yet) Drake. After she devoured Bow Wow and Kris Humphries. OK, I was kinda mean for calling her a hoe, but COME ON. I remain professional. I must contain myself.

Dollicia’s rep confirmed the rumors by stating that they were defiantly an “Item”

I mean… she aint all that

oh my god shes heaven.