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We all know Rih has style, but does she have what it takes to design a collection for the UK’s top high end highstreet store? Well apparently so. Rihanna has recently been designing a new collection for River Island hitting stores in 2013!

I have an obsession with both River Island and Rihanna, so its a win win for me. I wonder what she’ll come up with.

Rihanna’s been quite busy in the world of fashion lately, not only is she designing her own collection BUT she is also co producing and starring in a new Sky Living television program called “Styled to Rock”. The show is simply based around finding a new hot designer to design clothes for Rihanna’s biggest gig in the UK yet! Excited much?!

Be sure to tune in on Sky Living and support the navy base


I am a SUCKER for Creepers. I love them so much; but a breeze of fear passed through me when I saw that my local high street were selling them- both nockoff’s and real. I was a little bit happy, but mostly discouraged as I realised that such a old skool, punky and interesting style would be totally available to the general public. Which will, eventually, lead to the Creeper name being “CHAVinised”. I created a new world for fashion trends that have been ruined by the wrong hands. CHAVinised.

But, I must admit that before Rihanna and Rita Ora started wearing them about the town, the Creeper name remained an underground specific.

But hey, I love when creative trends get about. I just don’t think the hipsters will be pleased with their beloved shoe has become MAINSTREAM :o *cries*

I MISS GWEN, SHE NEEDS TO COME BACK AND OWN 2011! What do you guys think?!

She was so original and carefree. I just love the way she worked with so many different people and created so many different sounds. She is a fashion ICON and created new dances in each of her video’s. Her voice is un like anyone else’s. I really do think that 2011 needs some originality, I mean Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki are holding it down at the moment, but maybe for a bit too long! Gwen needs to come back and do some collaborations with Nicki, think how incredible that would be?!



VERGE MAGAZINE is the HOTTEST STUDENT MAGAZINE on the planet right now! With the mastermind of XCEL STUDENT AWARDS behind it, this magazine is sure to be a HIT!

Verge pretty much covers everything that us students need to know!

  • how to save money
  • whats new in fashion
  • whats new in music
  • how to succeed in the busy business world!

Honestly, this is my favorite magazine at the moment! I love everything about it! They always have the hottest interviews and to top it off, they have Zarah Abrahams (from Waterloo Road & Coronation Street), The Mac Twins and Youtube’s Beauty Crush star interviewing the hottest acts about fashion and music!

Verge is a free magazine that works with MTV and KISS 100. It gets sent out to all the universities in the UK, but if your not old enough to go to university yet, like me (JUST A FEW MORE YEAAARSSSSSS) you can check out the magazine on their website!!!!

Here is the VERGE MAGAZINE website