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So Lady Gaga has been knocked off the charts by Carly Rae Jepson’s new hit song ‘Call me maybe’. This song is HUGE, annoying but HUGE. Lady Gaga is aware of this and gave Carly a humorous warning via twitter:

Carly, respectfully, has not commented yet, but is this a joke? Or is Lady Gaga actually coming for CRJ?


Lady Gaga hit the runway wearing the most amazing bunches in the history of bunches. I mean. Thats A LOT of weave!!! Her heels killed the runway, as well as her feet – but she strutted better than some of the models. Infact one of the models actually fell. LMAO.

But the clothes were fantastic and the mix of Born This Way and other tracks on her new album was rediculous!!!!!! Check out this footage!

Birth of a new race? More like birth of a new nightmare…