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The great King B is due to perform at the BET Awards this year! Momma B WILL be taking a break from the troubles of motherhood to come back to BET after three long years!  The news broke out via twitter (as always) by Mendez!

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So, what will King B be wearing to the BET awards this year?



I don’t know WHAT happened, but got damn.

Once apon a time, Nicki Minaj was the queen of rap, beauty and comedy. Now, well you guy’s have heard the reviews of her latest single ‘Stupid Hoe’. I am and probably always will be a HUGE nicki fan, but this is just preposterous. Not only is the video crap, but the song doesn’t even make sense. She looks like the subject of her song…

Roman in Moscow I can handle, because at least there was some form of a good beat behind it. But this.. I don’t know where to go with it. It’s banned from BET, its received over 300,000 dislikes… Whats going on Nicks?

Now, this “Turn me on” track is a good track, but the video.. What in the world……….

First off, it starts with a robot with these over sized white lips.. then it goes into this half melted chocolate fountain thing.. and then out of no where.. Nicki pops up and looks all innocent and victorian.. then all of these manikin robot things are following her. THEN David Guetta turns into a beaded robot.. Like .. what?

I mean, Im all up for creative videos but.. what?

You HAVE to see this:

Theres this new boy group called MINDLESS BEHAVIOR, and I’m not even playin, they dominating the airwaves and youtube at the moment. Everybody going crazy for their new track: MY GIRL featuring Ciara, Lil Twist and Tyga! Its one of the hottest tracks out right now as it hits BET’s top video selects! BRING BACK THE BOYBANDS :p

They soo cute as well!

Queen of brilliance, Jennifer Hudson, has returned with a brand new heartbreaking track called “WHERE YOU AT” Jennifer is currently number 3 on the BET video count down! Best of luck! Here’s a little clip of the video, make sure you check it out on iTunes.