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I Now that this album has come out I finally feel like the spirits can take me now.

I am in love with this album. Seriously. Have you heard it? Have you HEARD IT? More importantly, have you HEARD IT?!

Okay psssh im just going to stop type talking and i’m just going to show you a bloody brilliant preview of this album.



I don’t really like the track that much but NICKI IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA’LL SEE HER ASS?!


Man forget TISA its ALL about Last Kings.

This exclusive Pharaoh inspired clothing line was created purely for the swagged. Tyga himself has put so much effort into the designs to create not only the dopest clothing line – but the most original line I have ever seen.

There aren’t that much designs available right now – but Tyga has quoted that hes working on a ladies line and adding more to the mens line. The line has been supported by the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, Chris Brown and the whole Young Money crew. I am super excited for this line. I’ve seen TISA blow up and now I can’t wait for this to blow up as well.

Fans have been going crazy for the designs and the man behind them, I mean, there are limits in all:

Dedication boy.

And to finish this post .. I would like to add another photo of my husband.

so perfect in every single way. Him AND his cousin. (Travie McCoy.. yes, I know. Itsa blessed family).

I don’t know what to think.

I really don’t.


I love this track but I wish they’d go back to their jerkin stuff :(


I’m not sure if i like this song, but i definitely¬† like the chorus and kanye’s verse. But the production could be a lil better…




WHO’S EXCITED! The album will include collaborations with Chris Brown, Kanye West, The Game (I thought he was dead…), Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa (Still on that black and yellow), Pharrell (siiigh) & even J Cole!

I personally hope he makes a video for ‘First Time’. It features Pharrell; so ya’ll know Imma be ON that video if it comes out!

STILL my fav track!


I LOVE TI$A, but I hate it on Big Sean. He looks too old to wear that type of stuff. But the song and video is BRILLIANT!