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To celebrate Frank’s coming out about hispast releationship with a man, good ‘ole B decided to write an inspirational poem to address the importance of being yourself. It’s pretty beautiful, could Beyonce be any more perfect?


The great King B is due to perform at the BET Awards this year! Momma B WILL be taking a break from the troubles of motherhood to come back to BET after three long years!  The news broke out via twitter (as always) by Mendez!

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So, what will King B be wearing to the BET awards this year?


Jay and Kanye REALLY did it with this one. Despite the constant encores and replays of the song, it never gets old! Even though the Watch The Throne album was released some time ago, since the video was released earlier this year, the song has sky rocketted to the biggest track of the year, possibly, all time?! This track has me going for days, and that Yeezy dance… too rich!

Now, RUNTC readers, although I have been gone for a while, I have done some pretty cool things meanwhile and the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend was definitely one of them!

I was lucky enough to receive an exclusive pass to the big festival and I had an absolute blast! Not only was there food, celebrities and fun, but there were all my favourite artists in one place! The event was so massive that there was more than one stage. Amongst the thousands of people that attended, there was a dance section, multiple DJ stands, a Radio 1 EXTRA stage AND finally, the biggen- the main stage- which was absolutely MASSIVE.

Not only did I have the pleasure of witnessing the greatness that is Example, Trey Songz and Will.I.Am; I was fortunate enough to discover the great performance that was Nicki Minaj.

Minus her diva exit. Her performance was perfectly balanced with her infamous pop ballads and her skilled rhymes. Unfortunately, due to sound errors, I was screaming the words louder than Nicki herself, never the less, it was a good performance. Especially the male dancers.

Now, Jay Z’s performance is a whole different story. Although the legend made us wait, a long time, all the crampt conditions and crowd thug behavior was worth it. After being squashed for 30 minutes in the typical British rain, the crowd was rich with excitement when he finally arrived. Performing an extreme performance of majority of his previous smashers – Not only did Rihanna join him on stage for ‘Run This Town’ but M.I.A came on stage with an awesome performance of her track ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Paper Planes’ (which was cut short due to technical failures). Just as the crowd thought he was done, close friend, Kanye West pops out of no where to give us a cut down version of the Watch The Throne tour. Performing ‘Niggas In Paris’ not once, not twice but 3 times!

All together, the Hackney Weekend was a fudging fudge fantastic way to spend a Saturday Afternoon!

Notice the footwear co-ordination? Ver stylish :)

New mother, Beyonce, stepped out with little Ms Blue for a nice stroll around Manhattan.

It’s fantastic, isn’t it?


This is exactly why G Unit fails. Apparently, 50 did this tweet by accident, man for real? That was NOT an accident. What typa grown man tweets offensive pictures of a baby?


YES! My computer is working guys, so now, I am going to round up 2 weeks worth of news in ONE BLOG POST!


Now, I’m not sure if this is an official photo, so don’t take my word for it, but if it is, ISN’T IT AMAZING?! The baby was born on Sunday 8th of January and has been officially named, Blue Ivy.

And to put the icing on the celebration cake, Jay Z released a song called ‘Glory’ that explains Bey’s past miscarriages and their troubles in the past. The song finishes with Ivy’s first noises. It had the world in tears, take a listen:

I swear, the chorus made me cry. I’m crying now. Lord.


So, everyone was going nuts on twitter about the apparent rumor of the birth of Jay and Bey’s little girl- named Tiana May. There was a fake Beyonce twitter account where the rumors where discovered. Later on during today, the topic was trending world wide. I’m sorry to disappoint ya’ll but no Carter baby was born today, since Bey is only 7 months into her pregnancy..


I do this every year, and I think this was a particularly good year for music. So. Here we go!


I think these girls are one of the most influential sisters there has ever been. They’re the perfect example of family! Their beautiful, blessed, talented and powerful the four things that are needed for success. The best thing about these two is that they are both individual. They have different styles, different music tastes and different lifestyles. Solange with her hipster, authentic, natural and soulful style and Beyonce with her beautiful, powerful and inspiring talent, add them together, woah that’s one phenomenal package.

I wanted to add some of their best pics together because I hope, one day, me and my sister will be like this :)