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Well, isn’t this just fantastic?! I am quite happy about this actually, two heart broken, sweet, and needy people coming together- comforting themselves with each other! Makes perfect sense to me!

As we all know, Kim Kardashian recently split with her husband, Kris Humphries later last year- and we must all be familiar with the split between Amber Rose and Kanye West for what ever reason. And I for one, think its a fantastic idea for them to hook up! Which they recently have, multiple times – they were spotted in NYC having a “movie date” for their SECOND MEETING!

Kanye has recently released a song named “Theraflu” which he announces: ‘I admit that I fell in love with Kim, around the same time she fell in love with him. Well that’s cool baby girl, do your thing. Lucky I aint had Jay drop him from the team.’ 

(Listen to the rest of the song at the end of the post- It features DJ Khaled, so it gets annoying after a while…)

But yeah, so I know my opinion really doesn’t matter to world class superstars but, I think this might just work…




Urm. I didn’t like this mixtape. I know, everyone is going to unsubscribe and diss the blog and I’ll loose followers and everything – but I’m being honest. I thought it was dull, average, stereotypical and bland. The only song I thought was dope was ‘MMG The World Is Ours’ featuring Pharrell and Meek Mill. Apart from that, it was all the same old same old.

When I listen to a rapper. I pay attention to the production and the way the artist can transform his lyrics, in order to attract a wider audience and keep his current fan base interested. He doesn’t do that. Well, not in this mixtape. I’m bored of listening to lyrics about things fresh off the boat and drinking, drugs and violence. Its boring to me. If you’re going to rap about nonsensical things, then maybe have a better production team behind you….

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m not into those hard beats as much as the next guy.. but. SNOORE.

Disappointed much.

Heres the best track of the mixtape, In my opinion:

I didn’t like the video. But I loved Wayne’s likkle booties!!!


Mr West is allegedly moving over to the UK. Apparently he’s bought a place in London in order to spread his success of DW (Kanyes design label)

Kanye has said that moving over the pond will increase his reputation as a designer and he will be spending majority of the new year in the sunshine and happiness that is the UK.



Rihanna was seen in Barbados as she is spending the rest of her new years vacay on the tropical beaches of dos dos.

The sex craved genius is taking time away from the dirty talk to spend some well deserved time amongst family and friends.

Have a good new year Rih!


So, everyone was going nuts on twitter about the apparent rumor of the birth of Jay and Bey’s little girl- named Tiana May. There was a fake Beyonce twitter account where the rumors where discovered. Later on during today, the topic was trending world wide. I’m sorry to disappoint ya’ll but no Carter baby was born today, since Bey is only 7 months into her pregnancy..


A third mixtape from the wonderful genius, that is, The Weeknd. This Canadian MJ has turned my headphones around, inside out and spun them 68 times and returned them to my ear with care. In other, shortened words, its good. I loved this mixtape quite a bit, enough to download it onto my back up hard drive, just in case my computer explodes. Not only has this dude changed my opinion totally on male singers. I haven’t heard a voice like his since Michael Jackson (RIP). Speaking of Michael, the mixtape included a cover of ‘Dirty Diana’ which was NAILED of course. My favourite tracks on the mixtape was ‘Initiation’ (which I previously blogged about- mentioning my confusion) and ‘The Fall’.

I really hope to see an album from Abel very very v e r y soon :)


I am in love with this song and this artist! The production is sick, the lyrics are insane and best of all ITS TWITTER TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear, I spoke to Starrah on twitter and I thought in my head ‘This artists is gonna be big’ because I havent seen talent like this for a long time. I am definitely TEAMSTARRAH

I have never respected a girl so much! Not only is Starrah not shy about her sexuality but she constantly provides advice to others about having confidence in coming out as lesbian. I saw her and her girlfriends (ShaRay Monique) coming out story on youtube (which received over 35,000 views) and I was literally talking to myself like “Oh my god, Oh my god this is so dope” i had tears in my eyes and everything.

I really think this adds to a full blown great artist because she doesnt shy away from herself and shes proud of who she is and she is confident, and In order to make it in the industry you have to be certain of who you are and you have to love who you are and I really think Starrah has accomplished that. She’s an amazing girl who makes amazing music, so make sure you check her out!

Follow Starrah on twitter: @iStarrah

Here’s her single ‘Cold World’ available for download on Hulkshare :)

Rihanna never fails to disappoint when it comes to setting trends. The blonde look is absolutely fantastic! But what I fear is that it will start the same wave that the red did. That was terrible, everywhere I looked it was red. Like I was in the soviet union. lmao. But this looks good.

She showed off her new do on the set of her ‘You Da One’ vid. check it out:


I like like like her voice guys. And her image is fresh and new- and Cole adds to the amaze