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OK! It’s out! The ‘Unapologetic’ album is out!

Released on November 19th, Rih has kept a secure secret from her eager fans- she didn’t tell us that the album was going to be THAT awesome!

The album not only opens up about her domestic violence experience and love affair with Mr Brown, but features a song from each genre! Now, we all know that Rih is famous for her lame albums. NOT BEING FUNNY but usually Rih releases some wicked singles and then the album is just full of fillers, but not this time! The whole album = WINNER. Absolute ace! I can predict now that ‘Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary’ will be faaantastic live!

Rihanna has managed to conquer the world and blow the competing artists (Nicki Minaj’s album Roman Reloaded: The REUP’ was released on the same date) out of the picture by using a secret weapon, the 777 tour, which was a HUUUGE success-globally. The Unapologetic album is set to be number 1 on the UK albums chart. Score!

The album includes the hit track ‘Diamonds’ (the video arguably includes Browns arm…) and features by Chris Brown himself ‘Nobody’s Business’, eminem AND future ‘Loveeee Song’. So if you haven’t bought, downloaded or even heard of the album yet… go get it.


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Here, is where all I see is BODY, WHOY! music still sucks, but BODY, WOYY

I know Rihanna seems to beĀ  mentioned on my blog quite frequently but, this is a tune

Enjoy this track, it could be the last Rihanna song we hear for a while, what with her perusing her acting career and everything


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what cha doing? I’m just wondering.. What in the living hell is going through your mind? Are you insane or are you just talking the talk?

You’re a pop success. Your an amazing singer, a beautiful strong, independent woman. You have guys all over the world wanting to taste your birthday cake. YOUR RIHANNA. Girls aim to be you, hair cuts are named after you. A NAVAL ARMY IS BASED AROUND YOUR FANS. YOU HAVE PEOPLE CRASHING TWITTER FOR YOU. Yet that’s not enough. You still feel the need to go back to old news. You have had more hits in the charts, at the same time, than Madonna. MADONNA! You are a success. You’re one of the most influential women on this planet. Right next to Beyonce. Beyonce. Jay Z sticks up for you.

I dont need to say the rest, you figure it out.



Everyone who knows me knows that I love this woman to death. I have every song on every mixtape printed on a Tshirt. I love her. But my love for her has started to die down a bit. Oh no you say. What could have caused this preposterous predicament? Well, I guess she just ‘fell off’.

The hype for Pink Friday was insane and a lot depended on that album. Her future reputation as a female rapper – not to mention her credibility of her given title ‘Queen of Rap’. Pink Friday was a huge success and deserved all the hype and awards. But. We expected Nicki to murder her first album, what actually mattered was the continuation. The world wanted to see if she could continue being this badass female rapper. I, for one, was super disappointed with the outcome of ‘Roman In Moscow’ and I am not looking forward to her new album, ‘Roman Reloaded’.

The only reason being; I feel that good ole Nicks is running out of idea’s. There’s only so much disses to Kim I can handle. And everyone eventually gets bored of hearing how much money rappers have… so the only conclusion would be to go at another rapper. Preferably, a man.

I have contemplated the rappers she should come at and finally, I came to Jay. If Nicki was to come at Jay…. man who knows.

What do you guys think?

I do this every year, and I think this was a particularly good year for music. So. Here we go!