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I know everybody has already heard about it already but Usain has set yet another Olympic record by racing the 100m race in 9.63 seconds!!!! This post is a late by BIG congratulations to team Jamaica! Well done !!

.. btw …
Mr Bolt, you know your friend, “The Beast” .. yeah he’s HOT.




There is something incredibly hot about a guy who is different in a weird, creepy way…which is why Tyler The Creator is number 11!


Pharrell Williams… do I need to say anything else.


Last King himself, Tyga.


Zac Efron just gets hotter with age…


Charming muscles, Channing.


I’ll always love Jigga!


Frank Ocean <3


Adrian Grenier, aka Vini Chase!!


Tristan Wilds .. yeah.


Ranger Gang Langston jerks his way to the top of the list, but not far enough!


Aubrey Drake Graham blesses the top of the list with his incredible-ness. *sigh*

I admit that I was like super behind with this one, my friends told me in French class about this Tupac hologram thing.. and I was like HUH?! So I googled it and I watched it on Youtube and my God. I was so amazed.

The never forgotten legend, Tupac, returned for a 5 minute performance alongside Snoop Dogg at the Coachella festival in California. I was so stunned by the way that he was properly dancing his ass off with Snoop and just vibing, like he was actually there. The detail in the hologram was almost perfect. Technology!! The end got me.. It did made me second guess his death, what if he is still alive, that was too realistic for it to be fake..

R.I.P Tupac


Well, Im not sure about you guys, but I’m so so so proud of Adele. Former BRIT kid (if you dont know what the BRIT school is, search my website), lover of Eastenders, cockney queen. Girl definately did good Ad! Not only did she RINSE out the Grammy Awards last Sunday but she did it with such grace and poise. And to have the world waiting for HER performace. And by golly did she live up to expectations. She rose from one of the most difficult times of her life and still managed to give THE most incredible performance!

I’ll say it again, GIRL DID GOOD!


It’s funny how days make us. How one insignificant day can make the cruelest of people change their ways. New Years Eve, to some, is a day of forgiveness, sincerity and positivity. To me, the whole new year period is a time to reflect. Long gone are the days of cheer and excitement of Christmas, the warm soon turns to cold and everyone seems to forget, when the holiday period fades; and January enters. No ones perfect, and its only natural to make mistakes. Everyone has done things they regret or have started things they can’t finish. I hear all these resolutions about people changing their ways or correcting the errors in their lives. Getting that job they deserve, loosing all that weight they realised they gained, after looking back on old photos. Finding their true love and starting that picket-fence family.

My resolution, each year without a fail, is always self centered. It’s never to end world hunger or to give more to charity, or even to spread the word of Jesus, Nope. It’s always about me. Why not? My life, I have to live with myself, might as well make it someone I like. Last year it was to do something with myself (after watching The Social Network)- which lead to me creating this very blog. A lot more has happened this year for me to think more wisely about my resolution choice. I’ve done a lot of wrong this year, which is why it makes it so difficult to choose. I’ve lied, I’ve betrayed, I’ve been two-faced, I’ve been bitchy, In conclusion; haven’t been a nice person this year. I’ve got to the point where I just wondered ‘why am I even here?’ That, I must admit, is a dark place to be- and I wish to never return there for the rest of my days. I’ve been on the brink of doing stupid things to myself and others, all because I relied on the opinion of others to help mold myself. I’ve hurt a lot of people this year, some unintentionally, and some on purpose. I let friendships die and trust fade. The main question yesterday was, how can I put all of that into one simple resolution? I still haven’t found the answer. Although I feel I am slowly progressing to get over the occurrences of 2011- I’m still in doubt on what to change without setting a rather ambitious task of changing my whole personality.

So, for now, these will have to do:

1. Love Life – enjoy every second, as we do not know when it could be snatched from us. Share memories with family and friends. Find a new passion, continue working on my dreams and focus on positive and productive thoughts.

2. Live Life- Meet new people, take new adventures, make new memories. Laugh more, smileĀ  more, enjoy the company of others. No more wallowing or self pitty, find something constructive to do. Focus on one thing at a time, do not over do myself. Have fun.

3. Be Free- free myself from old burdens, concentrate on the future. Forget the past. Move on. Accept and acknowledge old mistakes and try my hardest never to repeat them. Learn from others and most of all, accept me for me.

I honestly think that if I manage to follow those simple rules, 2012 will be a big fantastic year.

Happy New Year to you all



I am in love with this song and this artist! The production is sick, the lyrics are insane and best of all ITS TWITTER TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear, I spoke to Starrah on twitter and I thought in my head ‘This artists is gonna be big’ because I havent seen talent like this for a long time. I am definitely TEAMSTARRAH

I have never respected a girl so much! Not only is Starrah not shy about her sexuality but she constantly provides advice to others about having confidence in coming out as lesbian. I saw her and her girlfriends (ShaRay Monique) coming out story on youtube (which received over 35,000 views) and I was literally talking to myself like “Oh my god, Oh my god this is so dope” i had tears in my eyes and everything.

I really think this adds to a full blown great artist because she doesnt shy away from herself and shes proud of who she is and she is confident, and In order to make it in the industry you have to be certain of who you are and you have to love who you are and I really think Starrah has accomplished that. She’s an amazing girl who makes amazing music, so make sure you check her out!

Follow Starrah on twitter: @iStarrah

Here’s her single ‘Cold World’ available for download on Hulkshare :)

I think these girls are one of the most influential sisters there has ever been. They’re the perfect example of family! Their beautiful, blessed, talented and powerful the four things that are needed for success. The best thing about these two is that they are both individual. They have different styles, different music tastes and different lifestyles. Solange with her hipster, authentic, natural and soulful style and Beyonce with her beautiful, powerful and inspiring talent, add them together, woah that’s one phenomenal package.

I wanted to add some of their best pics together because I hope, one day, me and my sister will be like this :)

Time has moved on since the time where boys and girls acted innocent towards each other; and the idea of ‘scoring’ was getting a kiss on the cheek after a whole lot of effort and a movie. The minds of the under aged are rapidly developing at a rate our parents might not understand. What’s to blame? Music? Television? Maybe. Or is it our attitudes towards each other as young adults? I’m not trying to offend anyone because I am a young adult myself, but I’m trying to understand what the obsession with SEX is. I always fail to understand why, at such a young age, we are rushing to grow up in that area. It’s like there is no such thing as waiting for the right person, or waiting in general. Now, I realise it is unrealistic for me to sit here and blog about waiting for marriage – because it’s just not the norm anymore- but I’m getting tired of being victimized for my lack of promiscuity. There is a lot of pressure on teens to be seen in a certain way and for girls to be seen as attractive to guys their age and even older. But there is a difference to having relations with someone that you genuinely like/love to getting drunk at parties and giving yourself to any cute boy or girl that gives you the eye.

I just wonder, as a teenager myself, why we present ourselves in this way? Please give me your thoughts, ALL comments will be posted!

Classic rapper, Nas, has sold his first canvas painting for $14,000 !! I tried to search for his painting online, and I’m not sure if this is the correct painting but, I still thought it was equally amazing!

Some people are just so talented in so many different ways!


Now, this guy. THIS GUY, is absolutely amazing. Not only is he ATHLETIC AND a Chris Brown look a like- but he is a talented actor. I’ve just recently noticed how absolutely beautiful this guy is. Since Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ video, this guy has been on every girls mind. But it’s too late girls, he’s already snatched up by Rih Rih. Here are some magnificent photo’s that hes blessed lol

Yes. That. Is. What. I’M. Talking about.