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Dip dyeing your hair is the new thing to do. I adore this style and if I didn’t have synthetic twists in my hair, I so would! It all started off, as always, with Ellie Goulding. She was the first person, I saw, to have the dip dye affect. She brought it back from the 70’s, where hippies would run wild in the wind with their blonde and brunette tips. Many stars have now adapted the style, like Khloe Kardashian, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and so much more. The style is now viral on Instagram and Tumblr – so heres some of my favourite pics:



Ok.. what?

So, Rihanna was seen at the Coachella Festival in California putting some form of “white substance” on her bodyguards head. Some say its weed, white weed.. and some think its cocaine. Rihanna, on the other hand, being the sophisticated individual she is- replied:

… sooo mature and admirable, Rih Rih, big fan, big fan





I admit that I was like super behind with this one, my friends told me in French class about this Tupac hologram thing.. and I was like HUH?! So I googled it and I watched it on Youtube and my God. I was so amazed.

The never forgotten legend, Tupac, returned for a 5 minute performance alongside Snoop Dogg at the Coachella festival in California. I was so stunned by the way that he was properly dancing his ass off with Snoop and just vibing, like he was actually there. The detail in the hologram was almost perfect. Technology!! The end got me.. It did made me second guess his death, what if he is still alive, that was too realistic for it to be fake..

R.I.P Tupac

Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj released her brand, spanking new album based on her fictional alter ego, Roman. The album has evolved into a very successful album – as it has debuted no1 on the Billboard chart. But the quality lacks. Seriously. I have never been so angry in my life. I was surprised, confused and vex when I actually listened to this album. On paper, the album sounds like it could be amazing- Nicki stated that she didn’t want this album to be based around sex or violence; which is fair enough. But, I’m going to be honest. Sex and violence is what made Nicki, Roman and Martha famous in the first place. It’s like taking the Yankee hat away from Jay Z- whats the point?

The album almost has two sides. There is a hiphop attempt (“Roman Holiday”, “Come on a cone”, “I Am Your Leader”, “Beez in the Trap”, “HOV Lane”, “Roman Reloaded” and “Champion”) and a pop, all star attempt (the other 11 tracks). Oh, I forgot, there was this one track where she tried to merge her Trinidadian roots with pop, creating “Gunshot” – Yeah, having Beenie Man on a uptempo song really doesn’t work.

It is my job, as a truthful blogger, to admit when something is wrong, and this album was all wrong. The only two tracks I appreciated was “Beez In The Trap” and “Champion” other than that, it was a colouful, artistic mess. Comparing it to her previous album, ‘Pink Friday’- ‘Roman Reloaded’ has no chance. C’mon, all you barbs out there must admit that the previous album contained a lot more tunes. “Did It On Em”, “Superbase”, “Roman’s revenge”, “Right Thru Me”…  come on!

I was really disappointed with this album, AND the videos that followed it. The “Beez In The Trap” video was weird and confusing and the “Stupid Hoe” video- don’t even get me started. INFACT the whole “Stupid Hoe” song was wrong. Unlawfully wrong. Shamefully wrong. I just – urgh!

A true fan can admit when someone has fallen off. And Nicki Minaj, has indeed fallen off. Music wise.

Here’s the best song from the album, Champion:

I am a SUCKER for Creepers. I love them so much; but a breeze of fear passed through me when I saw that my local high street were selling them- both nockoff’s and real. I was a little bit happy, but mostly discouraged as I realised that such a old skool, punky and interesting style would be totally available to the general public. Which will, eventually, lead to the Creeper name being “CHAVinised”. I created a new world for fashion trends that have been ruined by the wrong hands. CHAVinised.

But, I must admit that before Rihanna and Rita Ora started wearing them about the town, the Creeper name remained an underground specific.

But hey, I love when creative trends get about. I just don’t think the hipsters will be pleased with their beloved shoe has become MAINSTREAM :o *cries*

I don’t think Rihanna really cares about people thinking she wears wigs, since she just went from pure blonde, full fringe to a jet black, LONGER style with a stylish, subtle undercut.

The undercut trend has come and gone with the likes of Ellie Goulding – but will she bring it back?

Honestly, I had zero idea that she was even trying to have baby, let alone fallen pregnant. I feel like a seriously bad blogger when I don’t know vital information like this! But still! A late congratulations to your new baby boy!

This is absolutely ridiculous. I searched up 1 Direction and guess how many search results popped up. OVER A MILLION.

Being in London, I saw when they went on the XFactor as single acts, I saw when they were asked to become a manufactured band, I saw all the performances on the show and I saw peoples reaction. I appreciate that they have that Justin Bieber “hot” affect but what I don’t understand is, they have had about 2 songs, and their already global icons. Just the other day, they got invited to The White House to perform for Obama’s daughter.. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR BEYONCE AND JAY Z TO GET INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE? 15 YEARS. 15. And they did it in 1.

I’m not dissing the guys, I wish them well, I’m not thrashing them– I’m just tired of hearing how fantastic they are when really, their sooo mediocre. I just wish that people would judge talent a bit more carefully. And I NEED people to stop trying to find the next Justin Bieber. Why don’t we try to find something new instead of rinsed repeats of previous talent that is clearly wayyyyy to hard to re-achieve.

Again, not a bash, just an opinion

Lore’l, what can I say about Lore’l. Well, shes a pretty, urban, hardcore hiphop rapper, who’s rhymes are pretty impressive.

You know what I love? I love the fact that I see a whole variety of female rappers now. Before there was just Nicki and Missy. NOW there’s Nicki (on occasion), Missy, Honey Cocaine, Lore’l, New Era and plenty more.

Hey, I’m all for women in hiphop. We’re not all video vixens!

Heres one of Lore’ls tracks: Too Pretty