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Notice the footwear co-ordination? Ver stylish :)

New mother, Beyonce, stepped out with little Ms Blue for a nice stroll around Manhattan.

It’s fantastic, isn’t it?



Okay, WHAT?

So, Mr. Clooney, Mr. Millionaire, Mr. I AM HOLLYWOOD got arrested in Washington DC, because of a passionate protest about what’s going on in Sudan. Well I, for one, am glad to see him passionate about something!

Fantastic Diggy Simmons is back for more with a NEW TOUR :)

Take a look at the teaser video :)


Honey Cocaine!!!!!

This girl is crazy right now! I love her style and her talent is maddddddd. Her mixtape ‘fuck yo feelings’ is amazing.

This toronto star has the flow Nicki SHOULD have and the swag of Tyga and Lil Wayne combined! Her music reminds me of jerkin music but with her own individual taste.

You guys MUST check her out if you havent already

‘Pretty ass bitch but the shit I say ugly’

Follow her on twitter:



Since November, apparently, Chris and Rihanna have been getting cosy.. too cosy.

The couple have been thinking about marriage since November, when Chris, allegedly proposed to the pop singer, because Rihanna wasn’t too sure about being engaged to a potential killer, she decided to hold off the engagement until Febuary.. nice one.

As we all know, the couple have show the world that they are friendlier via following eachother on twitter and, oh yeah, featuring on disturbing sex songs together, and remixing eachother ish.  NOW the couple are planning to get married in Mexico at the end of March.

Leaving the press going WILD many people have  been wondering about families opinions, you know, if they are OK with her marrying the guy that trashed up her face to a pulp .. oh, their okay with it? Oh well what about Jay Z, boss of Roc Nation, what does he have to say? 

Jay is NOT a happy bunny. Jay Z is shocked about the situation and apparently said he cannot believe she’s back with Chris. Rihanna’s reply was simply that she doesn’t care what her boss thinks.. smart.

The world is going to be a very dark, miserable and boring place when she looses all her endorsement deals. Oh well, atleast she’ll always have PUNCH to go with her discount pizza’s.