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Urm. I didn’t like this mixtape. I know, everyone is going to unsubscribe and diss the blog and I’ll loose followers and everything – but I’m being honest. I thought it was dull, average, stereotypical and bland. The only song I thought was dope was ‘MMG The World Is Ours’ featuring Pharrell and Meek Mill. Apart from that, it was all the same old same old.

When I listen to a rapper. I pay attention to the production and the way the artist can transform his lyrics, in order to attract a wider audience and keep his current fan base interested. He doesn’t do that. Well, not in this mixtape. I’m bored of listening to lyrics about things fresh off the boat and drinking, drugs and violence. Its boring to me. If you’re going to rap about nonsensical things, then maybe have a better production team behind you….

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m not into those hard beats as much as the next guy.. but. SNOORE.

Disappointed much.

Heres the best track of the mixtape, In my opinion:


 As the years have gone on, Chris has developed, progressed and corrected the errors in his ways- On the other hand, will he be able to create a new level with his musical talents?

With artists, such as Drake, The Weeknd and Tyler The Creator about; will Chris be able to recreate F.A.M.E AND Boy In Detention? I’m really not sure. I heard a lil of his new material, and to be honest, I wasn’t as impressed as I was when I first heard ‘Strip’ and ‘Look At Me Now’ ESPECIALLY ‘Beautiful People’ !!!

We’ll just have to see. Hopefully Seven, Kevin McCall and Tyga might help him on his way :)

Heres my favourite new material of his:

I think this track would create some bad ass choreography. I’ve always loved this duo :)

It’s actually not too bad. It’s quite good. Better than Kim’s attempt. Even the producer was like, NOOO.

But I do admire her for trying. And this will probably be big.

I didn’t like the video. But I loved Wayne’s likkle booties!!!


Throwin’ Hunneds, Hunneds.

I love this song, I love Tyga. It’s all love.

YES! My computer is working guys, so now, I am going to round up 2 weeks worth of news in ONE BLOG POST!


Now, I’m not sure if this is an official photo, so don’t take my word for it, but if it is, ISN’T IT AMAZING?! The baby was born on Sunday 8th of January and has been officially named, Blue Ivy.

And to put the icing on the celebration cake, Jay Z released a song called ‘Glory’ that explains Bey’s past miscarriages and their troubles in the past. The song finishes with Ivy’s first noises. It had the world in tears, take a listen:

I swear, the chorus made me cry. I’m crying now. Lord.


It’s funny how days make us. How one insignificant day can make the cruelest of people change their ways. New Years Eve, to some, is a day of forgiveness, sincerity and positivity. To me, the whole new year period is a time to reflect. Long gone are the days of cheer and excitement of Christmas, the warm soon turns to cold and everyone seems to forget, when the holiday period fades; and January enters. No ones perfect, and its only natural to make mistakes. Everyone has done things they regret or have started things they can’t finish. I hear all these resolutions about people changing their ways or correcting the errors in their lives. Getting that job they deserve, loosing all that weight they realised they gained, after looking back on old photos. Finding their true love and starting that picket-fence family.

My resolution, each year without a fail, is always self centered. It’s never to end world hunger or to give more to charity, or even to spread the word of Jesus, Nope. It’s always about me. Why not? My life, I have to live with myself, might as well make it someone I like. Last year it was to do something with myself (after watching The Social Network)- which lead to me creating this very blog. A lot more has happened this year for me to think more wisely about my resolution choice. I’ve done a lot of wrong this year, which is why it makes it so difficult to choose. I’ve lied, I’ve betrayed, I’ve been two-faced, I’ve been bitchy, In conclusion; haven’t been a nice person this year. I’ve got to the point where I just wondered ‘why am I even here?’ That, I must admit, is a dark place to be- and I wish to never return there for the rest of my days. I’ve been on the brink of doing stupid things to myself and others, all because I relied on the opinion of others to help mold myself. I’ve hurt a lot of people this year, some unintentionally, and some on purpose. I let friendships die and trust fade. The main question yesterday was, how can I put all of that into one simple resolution? I still haven’t found the answer. Although I feel I am slowly progressing to get over the occurrences of 2011- I’m still in doubt on what to change without setting a rather ambitious task of changing my whole personality.

So, for now, these will have to do:

1. Love Life – enjoy every second, as we do not know when it could be snatched from us. Share memories with family and friends. Find a new passion, continue working on my dreams and focus on positive and productive thoughts.

2. Live Life- Meet new people, take new adventures, make new memories. Laugh more, smile  more, enjoy the company of others. No more wallowing or self pitty, find something constructive to do. Focus on one thing at a time, do not over do myself. Have fun.

3. Be Free- free myself from old burdens, concentrate on the future. Forget the past. Move on. Accept and acknowledge old mistakes and try my hardest never to repeat them. Learn from others and most of all, accept me for me.

I honestly think that if I manage to follow those simple rules, 2012 will be a big fantastic year.

Happy New Year to you all