I am in love with this song and this artist! The production is sick, the lyrics are insane and best of all ITS TWITTER TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear, I spoke to Starrah on twitter and I thought in my head ‘This artists is gonna be big’ because I havent seen talent like this for a long time. I am definitely TEAMSTARRAH

I have never respected a girl so much! Not only is Starrah not shy about her sexuality but she constantly provides advice to others about having confidence in coming out as lesbian. I saw her and her girlfriends (ShaRay Monique) coming out story on youtube (which received over 35,000 views) and I was literally talking to myself like “Oh my god, Oh my god this is so dope” i had tears in my eyes and everything.

I really think this adds to a full blown great artist because she doesnt shy away from herself and shes proud of who she is and she is confident, and In order to make it in the industry you have to be certain of who you are and you have to love who you are and I really think Starrah has accomplished that. She’s an amazing girl who makes amazing music, so make sure you check her out!

Follow Starrah on twitter: @iStarrah

Here’s her single ‘Cold World’ available for download on Hulkshare :)