I recently got my hands on Drake’s debut album, Take Care. My mind is still blown.

I fell in love with this album over and over and over again! The album was ridiculously put together. The tracks vary from slow, sensual and hypnotizing – to upbeat, lyrically skillful and just plain RUDE lol.

When one album features Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Andre 3o00 AND Rick Ross- you know that its going to be a banger. The lyrics in the album are crazy. Drake did not shy away from talking about situations close to the heart, discussing the situations with his father, mother and past relationships. The album also includes a real life phone call recording from his mother talking about her life changes and how proud she is of him. The album managed to touch my heart and open up doors for me that I thought could never be opened. After listening to this album over 6 times in one day, not only did I realise I have a major obsessive problems.. but I realised the truth behind Drake and the truth to life. I have never felt so inspired and able to change lives. I know I’m going mad deep right now but thats literally how I felt throughout the whole album. Especially when I listened to “Look What You’ve Done” – the end of the song GOT ME!

But.. if you’re in the mood for balling music, theres always the track with Birdman “We’ll Be Fine” (hardcore production) OR the worldly famous “Headlines”. OR if your into the relationship problem mood then definitely jam to the TUNE OF THE CENTURY “Marvin’s Room” or “The Real Her” (which features Lil Wayne AND Andre 3000, my God) —- ALLL OF THESE ARE ON THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or if you want the slow and sexy song listen to “Practice” WHICH happens to be my favourite song of the album, alongside “Over My Dead Body”.

I STRONGLY advise you to buy this album, NOT download, BUT BUY!

Here’s “Practice”