Rick Ross and Kanye West have to be the most influential people right now for me. I think that they are the most hardworking people in the industry at the moment. I mean, with Rick Ross working on MMG and Kanye working on G.O.O.D Music and the WTT Tour (which I’m dying to see!!!) – I really do predict phenomenal things for them next year, providing the world doesn’t end lmao.

They’re both number one on my playlist right now and I absolutely LOVE when they decide to work together. Ross has seem to blow up over night with the whole “Ashes to Ashes” album and ‘Ye had an amazing comeback from his own personal tragedy and public mistakes. They both have grown so well as artists and have both changed the music industry for the better in my opinion. I really do hope to see more of them in the future!

The best track I’ve seen them on HAS to be “Maybach Music 2” because that ish WAS just kray.