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Heres why.

For some un known reason, she has this thing against Beyonce. Now I could understand if it was for a REAL reason. But is there a REAL reason?

It’s stupid and petty things like this: Juicy Magazine asked a whole load of famous stars to hold up the magazine to promote it at the Soul Train Awards. They got to Keri Hilson and asked her to do the same, look what happened.

What is that? Who does that? WHOO DOES THAT?


Not only was Beyonce busy releasing a new music video ‘Dance For You’ but she also made time to respond to the baby bump rumors by recently releasing a proof video she filmed whilst being on the set of her music video ‘Countdown’. OHHH BABY!

I knew they we’re faaake :)

I love Tyler The Creator. I think hes absolutely amazing. He is so freaking funny and his bars are crazy! I think Tyler is like marmite- you either love him or hate him. I mean his track ‘Yonkers’ was crazy, and I think he’s a new type of music.. and his voice is pretty awesome…

Heres Yonkers, which I think is the best rap video of this year..

I love Pusha T … G.O.O.D MUSIC :)

All though I don’t like Mac Miller that much, I respect the sample in this song and the production. I mean, he’s a good artist, but theres something I don’t buy. AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY. I mean have you ever not known why you don’t like an artist before…



Lady Gaga has re-defined music to her own perspective and has changed the minds of millions. She has done wonders for the Gay Rights Movements and has created confidence in the  smallest individuals. She not only creates her own identity within the pop genre, but she can never be forgotten, world wide.

She has taken over the world with her interesting ways and her distinctive music taste. Influenced by some of the greats, Gaga is sure to be put down in history. From ‘Just Dance’ to ‘Poker Face’ to ‘Bad Romance’ she has done it all. I, for one, am very proud of Gaga and I know her little monsters are also.

To conclude this post, I will post her new ‘Marry The Night’ prelude video released a few days ago:


… this is quite interesting…

All i can give you is a teaser.. I just ..

I know im going to end up loving this song anyway.. ¬_¬


Nicki Minaj has officially announced her 2nd album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ will be out in February 2012!

Nicki has decided to record her whole album as her gay-male alterego ‘Roman’, she explained “Roman will be in rare form this time. You know why? ‘Cause he no longer gives a fuck.”

I am soo excited! This is one valentines day that wont end in tears! :D


… Look in the mirror and love what you see.



MC Lyte gave Nicki Minaj some props earlier on this week at a Pennsylvania college class she was mentoring. She called Nicki a “smart business woman”. Mc Lyte chose the classier option, unlike others….