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Haylee Ray has to be one of the most amazing chicks of Jerk/Dougie

Haylee has recently done a track with Young Sam that made me want to get my Nikes, pick up my stereo, blast it out and jerk in the road until that crazy ass neighbor of mine calls the cops. I predict major things for this chick!

My favorite video of hers HAS to be one she did with the princess of dougie (@Lyteebright). This video is super dooper old but the movie Haylee Ray (@OfficialHR) does at the beginning is mad doooope, i’ve been trying to master it ever since LOL


Young Sam just makes me want to LA LA LA LA LA


Did ya’ll see that Chelsea soccer shirt .. my dad aint gone be happy with Ms B lmao



Wow. I was not expecting that. That was truly amazing. I was actually lost for words for a while. The video represents so much! I do admit, for the first few minutes I was very worried about the direction the video would be heading towards, but the ending threw me back; It actually threw me back. I am so speechless its unreal.

The video is based on two lovers (the male looks extremely similar to Chris Br0wn… I’m just saying..) who are frequent users of drugs and alcohol. The video first concentrates on the ‘ups’ of the relationship – by showing the adventures they have in super markets, the parties they attend and the endless kissing and ‘making out’ scenes. The video then begins to show the darker sides to the drug infested relationship by showing Rihanna passed out on the pavement with her lover trying to save her, it shows her drowning herself in the bath tub because of the occurrences from the night before and finally it shows the couple having a huge argument in the car park in the middle of an estate. The video not only concentrates on the darker sides to drugs and drinking and relationships but it also connotes the inner problems with herself and how she eventually picks herself up from the gutter and leaves.

This video not only represents and relates to most of the younger generation, but it also has an extremely powerful message within it.

This music video is a MUST check. Honestly.

Love is extremely powerful.


Now this dance craze is actually hilarious. Chris Brown is behind all this madness:




D O U G I E  dougie.

Man forget TISA its ALL about Last Kings.

This exclusive Pharaoh inspired clothing line was created purely for the swagged. Tyga himself has put so much effort into the designs to create not only the dopest clothing line – but the most original line I have ever seen.

There aren’t that much designs available right now – but Tyga has quoted that hes working on a ladies line and adding more to the mens line. The line has been supported by the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, Chris Brown and the whole Young Money crew. I am super excited for this line. I’ve seen TISA blow up and now I can’t wait for this to blow up as well.

Fans have been going crazy for the designs and the man behind them, I mean, there are limits in all:

Dedication boy.

And to finish this post .. I would like to add another photo of my husband.

so perfect in every single way. Him AND his cousin. (Travie McCoy.. yes, I know. Itsa blessed family).

I love Lab. He looks sooo cool! Like you know one of those guys you just want to be bestfriends with. He’s so friggin impressive its unreal. The video was a bit disappointing- although, I do admire the graphics. I just wish there was more thought behind it :( oh well. Its still an awesome song featuring two awesome dudes :)

Make sure you guys buy the single on its official release date: 23rd October. NO ILLEGAL DOWNLOADING. Well at least not with this track :P