What I’ve always loved about Raven is that she is beautiful no matter her weight, her hair or her mood. She is amazingly talented! A beautiful singing voice, and amazing sense in style and such a brilliant actress! She is worth over 30 million (US) dollars and isn’t affraid of showing her worth through her sense in classy fashion and brilliant hair styles. I mean, I was watching Thats So Raven all weekend and I just LOVED every hairstyle she had! Never in her lifetime does her weave look bad. She is soo bloody funny aswell, from her todler times on The Cosby Show, to her own comedy Disney Channel show, Thats So Raven, to the cheetahlicious feirce Cheetah Girls Days to now, a responsible, inspiring woman! Probably one of the ONLY girls from Disney Channel that haven’t gone to rehab or gone crazy.

I wanted to dedicate a post to Raven because she is so damn brilliant at everything she does. :-)

And plus.. I get told I look like her.