Chris Brown is due to release his brand new recovery album named ‘F.A.M.E’ on March 21st (U.K) & March 22nd (USA) and me being amazing, had the privilege of listening to the album tonight. (Although everybody else has probably got it already because of illegal downloading and youtube…I’M STILL SPECIAL!) AS expected; the album was very good. I was really impressed with the track selection. I love the way it started with the old classic DEUCES and finished with  a beautiful track made for beautiful people lol. During the album there is a variety of slow jams and fast uptempo dance tracks (Yeah X3). I would like to also take time to mention the beautiful album art. I love how it has old skool graffiti and it is hand panted images.

Although the album is beautifully put together, I still stick by my morals and I believe that I’m giving Chris Brown as an ARTIST praise, not Chris Brown as a PERSON. (I’m sorry if I upset anyone, its just how I feel..) I’m not sure if the album will do aswell as his others, but I do wish him the best of luck with it. Congratulations Chris.

My favorite track from the album is still, without a doubt, NO BS :-)