*Sigh* Isn’t he just. ‘The Girl Friend Package’ – I couldn’t have put it better. Oh lord…

ANYWAY back to the post!

Khalil is doing big things this year, from his ‘Girlfriend Ringtone’ song having a gazzilion (not a real number) .. to working with the greatest young talent such as YOUNG MONEY and DIGGY SIMMONSAs well as him having all this talent.. yes ladies, those ARE dimples – he has dimples. Yes. He does. Wow. Dimples. OMG dimples… I KEEP GOING OFF TRACK!

Khalil has an album coming out early this year which is titled ‘Hot Like Summer’. It apparently features artists such as LIL WAYNE, RIHANNA and DIGGY SIMMONS (don’t take my word for it, that’s what I heard okay, I don’t need no Rihanna-Navy up in here tearing up my blog..) Khalil is signed to Island Records and has recently released a track called ‘Hey Lil Mama’ featuring LIL TWIST. Yes, Lil Twist, I swear if I was in that video, I would have died. Keep an eye out for Khalil and definitely check out his album. And because I know ya’ll are lazy I’ma just post the song down below :-)