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WHO’S EXCITED! The album will include collaborations with Chris Brown, Kanye West, The Game (I thought he was dead…), Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa (Still on that black and yellow), Pharrell (siiigh) & even J Cole!

I personally hope he makes a video for ‘First Time’. It features Pharrell; so ya’ll know Imma be ON that video if it comes out!

STILL my fav track!



I LOVE TI$A. ITS AMAZING. It has the original flavor of the 90’s but it has the brand new touches of the future! Its just not that easy to explain LOL.

Stars such as Chris Brown (who seems to be all over my blog recently), Tyga, Kid Ink and even LIL WAYNE have been seen wearing this brand. I would say it is more aimed to the younger generation but it is defiantly CALI-LICIOUS!

I say that TI$A is going to be everywhere this summer!


I LOVE TI$A, but I hate it on Big Sean. He looks too old to wear that type of stuff. But the song and video is BRILLIANT!

Nelly and Kelly are at it again! They’ve recently recorded a new track similar to the ‘Dilemma’ track in the early 2000’s. The song is a carry on from the Dilemma video, where they finally meet again and realize that they got  each other  ‘gone’ lol. I think the tracks pretty good :-) I’m a huge Kelly fan and always thought they were a great couple! The video has already got over 4 million views on youtube, and it was only uploaded this week!

Well done guys!

JAHLIL BEATS! Leme just start this post by saying he is THE best YOUNG PRODUCER this world has seen in a LONG TIME! He’s done sooo much work for everyone! He is officially mixtape king. He’s done beats for Kid Ink, Tyga, Chris Brown, MOST OF YOUNG MONEY and Big Sean!!! And like  soo many other artist that I’m to hyped to even mention!

Check this video of him making a beat!


I’m soo excited for the future. He’s gonna be the next Timbaland, I can telll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FINALLY! Some Guyanese PRIDE.

These guys are really talented! Just as good as the original, I think… And not just because I’m Guyanese…

These guys are from Brooklyn, New York and are NOT afraid of their South American/Caribbean heritage!

Remember Ms Teedra M0ses? Well shes back and rollin with the Maybach Music crew! i think her and Ross will make a good team! Congratulations. I am soooooo looking forward to that new badass album!!!!

I suggest you rewind and replay Drake’s verse 24 times, like I did. So I dont feel alone.


In love with this song.


keep your eyes on this space for more Brian Cade news. :]