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I don’t know about you.. but this song got me feeling a bit fly…


Diggy Simmons, Thinkin\’ Bout u

YES, the son of a Hip-Hop God, Diggy Simmons, makes his own way into the spotlight WITHOUT his fathers and uncles connections? In the interview below, Diggy mentions the features on his mix tape and how he got signed, on his own!

Receiving such a positive response with over 1,000,000 views, his freestyle track, using Naz’ instrumental version of ‘Made you look’, was a huge hit everywhere. Congratulations to you, Diggy! Good luck for the future!

THE funniest video I’ve watched all night!

the slight 90’s era repeat we are going through, here check out these images, (mostly of Rihanna) that look just like history repeating itself, in my opinion.. for the better!



Can you see the resemblance between Peppa (from Salt’n’Peppa) and Rihanna?

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